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Universal Body System
05-29-2010, 09:56 AM (This post was last modified: 05-29-2010 02:03 PM by azurescen.)
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Universal Body System
Simple Reality Basics

This is a system made to replicate reality.

The only direction in going out of working this system is going into living it. This system is a job. Philosophizing only expands its potentiality.

The current model is based off of listening and speaking. There is 3 aspects to life in the trinity of listening speaking and being. The 3 can also go to represent bad -(listen,) good +(speak,) and neutral 0(be) to correlate into future endeavors as such.

Part 1: Internal-Body
#1 The Tail-bone.
#2 The Sacrum.
#3 The Thorax.
#4 The Cervical.
#5 The Brain.
#6 The Throat.
#7 The Lungs/Heart.
#8 The Stomach/Organs.
#9 The Excretion/Reproductive Systems.
#10 The Whole Body.
Part 2: External-Senses
#11 The Self
#12 The Other
#13 Togetherness
#14 The Thing
#15 Everything
#16 Feeling
#17 Taste
#18 Sight
#19 Smell
#20 Sound
Part 3: Internal-World
#21 Dream Rules
#22 Physical Perception
#23 Energetic Perception
#24 Magnetism
#25 Color
#26 Earth
#27 Wind
#28 Water
#29 Fire
#30 Aether
Part 4: External-Astral
#31 Rest
#32 Awareness
#33 Transition
#34 Planning
#35 Action
#36 Psychic Feelings
#37 Psychic Taste
#38 Psychic Sight
#39 Psychic Smell
#40 Psychic Sound

This is as far as I have gotten for the basics of reality. This goes infinitely though and changes as an outcome of the needs of time. I created a calendar to follow this, and use the 41st day as a new day....something blank and leading towards new discovery.

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05-29-2010, 02:00 PM (This post was last modified: 05-29-2010 02:06 PM by azurescen.)
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RE: Universal Body System
Involved Reality Basics

Here we have an expedition into what is the Basics of reality. This is where we take a deeper look into the already exposed system, and find out the inner workings of what is an infinite masterpiece. We are able to do things with reality through magic that go to the level of creation of body through this simple systematic approach, which gives us a tool to keep everything together and compare realities.

To start with the body, I need to first teach you about the speaking portion of the body, so that we have a location to put the listening portions activation sites into working play. This is where meditation changes from simply relaxing, to activation your mind and body. This is proof of the amazing toys our souls have to play with.

Each portion of the speaking body is controlled by the listening portion of the external senses and is enhanced by the listening portions of the body. Ultimately everything is guided by the speaking portion of the external senses.

Part 1: Internal-Body Expanded
#6 Throat: Self=Esophagus, Other=Thyroid, Together=Vocal Chords, Thing=Will, Everything=Tension.
#7 Heart: Self=Lungs, Other=Heart, Together=Ventricles/Veins/Arteries/Atrium's, Thing=Heart/Lung Functions, Everything=Aorta.
#8 Stomach: Self=Stomach, Other=Adrenals, Together=Other Organs, Thing=Other Organ Functions, Everything=Function Output.
#9 Reproductive/Excretory: Self=Testis/Ovaries/Small Intestines/Kidney’s, Other=Lingam/Yoni/Gall Bladder/Ureter’s, Together=Sperm for Males and Ovary Stasis for Females/Solid Waste/Urine, Thing=Both Intestines for Females and Small for Males/Urethra/Rectum, Everything=Tendons, Muscles, and Tract.
#10 Whole Body: Self=Other Body (Food/People,) Other=Self Body, Together=Action, Thing=Reaction, Everything=Understanding/Growth
#1 Tail-Bone: Throat=Ida/Sushumna/Movement, Heart=Nerves/Enjoyment, Stomach=Veins/Self (ownership,) Reproductive/Excretory=Strength/Mobility (lubricant,) Whole Body=Knowledge
#2 Sacrum: Throat=Ida and Pingala/Life, Heart=Electricity/Love, Stomach=Sustenance/Communication, Reproductive/Excretory=Tantra/Yoga and Meditation, Whole Body=Growth/Higher Understanding
#3 Thorax: Throat=Isometrics/Pranayama, Heart=Connection/Rest, Stomach=Prayer/Routine, Reproductive/Excretory=New/Different Things, Whole Body=Self/Other Universe’s
#4 Cervix: Throat=Play/Exercise, Heart=Enjoyment/Release, Stomach=Work, Reproductive/Excretory=Being, Whole Body=Transformation
#5 Brain: Throat=Right Brain, Heart=Left Brain, Stomach=Glands, Reproductive/Excretory=Sensory Objects, Whole Body=Life

From here you can have more active yogic meditations through understanding the connection and resultant functions of each structure. Notice the connections between the listening portion of external senses, and the listening portions of the body to know how to exist correctly.
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06-03-2010, 04:38 PM (This post was last modified: 06-04-2010 03:18 PM by azurescen.)
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RE: Universal Body System
Meditation Activation

The best way to activate your soul, and work your higher self is to meditate on your Ida, Pingalla, and Sushumna nadi's.

First work your Sushumna, which is the hollow central channel in your spine, and use this pure kundalini energy to work your body into a fresh state ready for meditation. This requires tensing the muscles and flexing your tail-bone foreward towards the front side of your body. This will activate the Kundalini serpent energy and bring a feeling of ready to squeeze into your body to help your muscles tense.

The Pingalla is the pineal gland and the left part of your brain, it connects to the right sidded nerve channen in your spine coming from the sacral chakra up to the left side of your brain, breathed into through the left nostril. Work the energy of prana visually through the right side of your spine and allow this to actively resonate your electrical currents. This should be a warm sensation and thus needs to be breathed in and out quickly to help the sympathetic nervous system to activate and thus go through all of your body speeding up the relating nerves.

The Ida works the pituitary gland on the left side of your spine coming up from the base and equivelent on the right side of your brain and your right nostril. To activate simply close off the left nostril, breathe deeply on your right side and hold your breath actively visualising pranic energy transforming the nerve structures and positions of the electrical currents, than release your excess energy through the left nostril. Remember the feelings should be cooling and so if you notice anything else keep activating it.

The way to releasing your Kundalinic energy into the universe is to push your Sushumna at your tail-bone back towards the ground behind you. Than allow your Brahman Chakra(soft spot on your skull at birth) to release the energy and connect both with you while pushing tail-bone back and with the universe while you are allowing your Kundalinic energy to blast your intent into the cosmos.

Through these meditations you will activate your beings ability to withstand your own personal energy, and thus gain power in your life. Calming you, and giving you the energy to acheive.

In these simple exercises you are focusing your energy on your tail-bone, sacrum, and brain. Each giving you: Tail-bone=Will Power; Sacrum=Good Feeling; Brain=Higher Awareness.
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06-09-2010, 09:53 AM (This post was last modified: 06-09-2010 10:45 AM by azurescen.)
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RE: Universal Body System
Natures Intended Work

The next idea is to understand the emotions and the physical manifestations that they produce. Each emotion has a direct link both to the Universal System, through the chakras with their placement up the spine, and a workable connection to the Pranic Nadi cleansing meditation technique.

The idea, with the Universal Body System, is to find out exactly where and when each emotion has a specific effect on each one of the 5 Bodily Speaking locations. When you have attached a specific emotion driving event to one of these specific locations you can get into where that fits into the Involved Reality Basics and from there work through to your Meditation Activation technique and add specific points of quarry.

In addition to the above Meditation Activation, you probably should do a typical Hatha Yoga session before you begin, so to get all your bones, muscles, and the rest of your body in tune with your will.

The Chakras, in the way of emotions, go as follows:
1. Root Chakra
The right to be here
2. Sacral Chakra
The right to feel
3. Navel Chakra
The right to act
4. Heart Chakra
The right to love and be loved
5. Throat Chakra
The right to speak and hear truth
6. Third Eye Chakra
The right to see
7. Crown Chakra
The right to know

The ending Crown Chakra gives you the ability to see how all of this is both very pleasing to read, and how you can simply avoid it due to a lack of interest or intent.

When you have your ability to get going with this system you may first begin by taking your life into your hands because this is the one sure fire way to know you are in control. Fear is death, fear is pain, and fear is being wrongly/badly under control. Fear is what effects you when you are about to drink urine a friend gave you and you thought it was lemon-aid. Fear gets in the way of your ability to exist, whether in mind, body, or spirit.

Fear is such an emotion that CAN be controlled that once you put your mind into the right position you may begin to use it, and yet if it has control over you all life is an illusion played out by the devil. You may begin to wonder, how can this be??? You will only find the answers through searching, and you will only begin searching once you begin to want to. Need and want, in the placement of fear, are two in the same thing. Once fear is overcome though, you begin to see the definite distinction in coming to terms with your self, ie You begin to want as well as need.

The only tool towards becoming a brand new person in any game of living life, is good arduous hard work. Labor is hand in hand with living, and yet you only begin to live through laboring, so do know that you have the right to search for truth before you are ever expected to be somebody.
Survival Status Bija/Bindu

The road to travel in life is Correct, in other words you want to get where you want to go. You, in fact, want it to be a Good place. Good is interchangeable with correct in this case where life is interchangeable with magic.

Bindu=Point=Brahman Chakra Also means reason.

This is where life gets interrelated. This directly relates to the Meditation Activation in that you need to understand these ideals before you are properly able to reflect on the correct way of using it.

Bija One: Ego. Pingala and Pineal Gland. This is the rules of life. Life is Will, Want, Desire, and Need. All of these things have a common place within the idea of what is Ego, and yet Ego is such a wrongly understood word that a person needs to rethink what it is in order to gain awareness of it. Ego IS the being, be it Male or Female, Dog or Bug, Mushroom or Tree. A person needs Ego in order to obtain personality.

Bindu One: Self-Awareness. This is the make-up of the being after all is said and done, when the person has lost the right to make known anything other than pure truth. This Bindu reflects on the already created parts of the universe, ie language, color, sound, taste, and all other knowledge. The reasons why we live the way we do directly relate to this Bindu. Once we are conscious creators of the universe, as God is, we are able to entertain the idea that we do make up what is right/correct/good, than all that is needed is for us to create.

Bija Two: Super-Ego. Ida and Pituitary Gland. The two problems with this Bija are the fact that life is dominated by money, and that love is in illusion with need. What is coming about is an awakening of consciousness to that which is existence. The main effect placed into what is the Super-Ego is the creation of Rules. In other words our choices of what is right and wrong is what makes up our Super-Ego. This is why it is on the right side of the brain, where spacial awareness and knowledge of time go hand in hand. When a person is marking their calendar they are writing in rules for the Super-Ego.

Bindu Two: Void State, Deep Sleep, Loss of Consciousness, Delta State. This is the point that relates to your Brahman Chakra directly before you ever become aware of it. It has much to do with the presence of Black people and their ability to exist beyond the veil of knowledge. Time and space are just tools for them to communicate their own personal experience with. They will do so in so many different ways and yet they will become what is the account of being out of consciousness. Those two aspects are but a signal verifying what is to become of their own inquiries as to our existence. Yet they brought us about.

This is the four-fold vision of the universe, the only thing needed to do after all of this knowledge is obtained is to go out and live rightly conscious thereafter.

Think of it like this, East=Bija One, North=Bindu One, West=Bija Two, South=Bindu Two, and you are in the center always going in one or a mix of two directions.

The beauty of the above two posts being concurrently one after another is that they both effect each-other.

The ultimate loss of need, which goes beyond the need to be here represented by fear. Fear gives you the loss of bodily control in which you could do something regrettable, any actions based off of fear find their roots in anger. If you are lost in fear and living your life based off of it, you need to recognize this truth of anger being over dominant.

Anger on the other hand, when found alone, is tied directly to your needs. You only express anger if you need, and anyone causing this anger is effecting karma directly.

Anger is the reason for Karmic Laws, anger is directly expressed by the universe. Only the universe may take karma for itself and yet the universe may choose who it decides to allow to follow through with its karmic value. Many people throughout the past have gone directly against the universe, and yet the universe is such a wildly mysterious thing that people who have gone directly against have shown that they need compensation to something that they will only come to understand through time. The future for those people is only a tool of compensation for the universe, these people who are against the universe are in for a treat because I am so confused as to how it will get its karmic revenge that well, I'm scared and yet I get to help it.

Anger is directly related to revenge, anyone who inflicts anger upon another is a target of revenge, they have sown the seeds of cause for equal and opposite reaction. This comes from the law of Newton, and yet works for us because we have bodies. Someone who looks at their body is going to see the imprint of anger throughout their life up to the point that they inflict revenge, than and only than may they break out of their Karma and break through the needs of revenge.

In fact, any anger played out and payed back through revenge leads to a balance of Karma, denying the need for any concurrent revenge. A debt paid back leads to a -1 being added with a +1 and thus = 0. Karma is a law of needs. 0 is the state of being, there is a void in between the trinity created by 1+1=3 or Body+Soul=Body-Soul-Mind.

Soul, in my new way of thought replaces 0, ((n)m)o, and Om. You are 0 up to the point you realize your body, than you become 3, and 3 becomes you, so now 3=0 in time, and time becomes your new work for your team or self Brahman structure.

1=Physical Reality, 2=Spiritual Plane, 3=Dream Matrix. 4 will represent the new founded void, Om, or useful standings....much like saying Babaji was, 4 now is.
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06-16-2010, 02:02 PM
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RE: Universal Body System

There is a great mystery within pain. Sometimes you can cut yourself and it feels good, sometimes there are zero feelings at all, and sometimes you feel pain. Pain is almost the greatest mystery to man because, while endorphins are known to overcome pain, how and why endorphins come at times of pain it is a mystery as to their ability to work.

The truth is that in order to rise above pain alltogether, first off you need to have your thyroid gland working in perfect function. This above all requires you to be safe within your set and setting, i.e. you need to be healthy and have good healthy people around you in order to be at perfection. The only way to do this is to ask of the universe, and help those around you. You can only help to the extent that you are capable, this is important when you think that you are needing to help people when it is too hard for you to actually do so. Health is inside of the one who is healthy, to be sick and give health to a certain extent breeds equal sickness, of course if the person you are healing is sicker than you than you are giving up to your level of health.

You can ONLY heal, sickening people is only applicable to those who want to be sick. If you want to be healed, than you can only be healed, otherwise people can make you more sick if that is what you want.

When you are at the optimal level of health, i.e. as healthy as the healthiest or healthier, than your thyroid gland will reward you with chemical control. This entails that your endorphins will actually work correctly, and that your use of drugs is greatly enhanced by your bodies ability to accept them within a clean vessle of attraction. When you are healthy, you see where there is sickness, you know when people are just trying to breed sickness, and you rise above all. This is the nature of the body, and is thus by being so, THE dominant force of existence. If you are a Good person, than being the best means being the healthiest, and thus only than may you fully heal others while seeing the falseness of their communicated realities.
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06-18-2010, 06:07 PM
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RE: Universal Body System
Experience Control

This Universal Body System thing has so many implications. One being that you need to first understand your own want drive existing in a universe that aims at pleasing you, before you can really take this system as a means to achieving.

The first step after accepting magic, is understanding experience. In order to be a proper being in a world of magic, you simply need to accept that experience happens through the five senses. There are in order of importance to the body, Feelings, Taste, Sight, Smell, and Hearing.

First off there is reasoning for 2 types of feelings that are in existence because of the fullness of there being both negative energy and positive energy. The two cancel out to create a zero point energy, which needs to be recognized as the feeling of another being preventing you from doing what you want. Whereas negative energy is the feeling of being permanently prevented. This only exists as a point to say that life IS choice and thus you are always at choice, even in a permanent situation, but when the air is taken out of your lungs you first need to want to create the air in the first place in order to be able to put it back in there.

These are both negative and zero point energies.

Next and, as far as I am concerned the only part of reality worthy of being lived is positive energy. This is the feelings of creation, Pure Self Creating. You start off good, so that you can continue only to make good better. If you are lost thinking that something less is good than someone who is truly good is going to break you away from that. This is where you may now set into reality, because through simply wanting to you are able to rise up to my level of good and be at least like me, through using your want drive "magically". Feeling is completely derived through touch, and yet through the experience of pure soul, touch can be experienced through tension or touching your body through your soul.

This is where Taste comes in, I'm going to end my post at taste because of its shear velocity of trans-formative ability, yet I am going to as well say that this is such a brand new ball park of creative ability that you simply need to be along for the ride because I am only partially aware of tastes whereas I am completely aware of what feels good.

Taste comes in five well known types, and just as feelings go on going perpetually, so does taste. Taste, when you find that you are truly able to grasp its experiential wisdom, you will see that you are existing from the placement of your own creation, i.e. both you need to add the right amount of salt and you need to want to. Cooking is a type of magic that is directly experienced by the taster and leads to a certain plethora of different sensations or intricacies based off of the experience of taste. Faster than you taste the food you know whether you like it, and based off of your liking of tastes you know when you want to eat what.
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06-27-2010, 11:49 AM (This post was last modified: 06-27-2010 11:50 AM by azurescen.)
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RE: Universal Body System
Involved Brain Science with Yogic Meditation

Here is a way to get the most out of meditation and add new experience to your life.

First off, understand the make-up of the brain

Left Brain
Right Brain
Pituitary Gland
Pineal Gland

My own understanding has come to see that the left brain is associated with the consciousness of the physical body, while the right brain is associated with that of the visual/astral body. As well, the left brain takes in and assimilates information, while the right brain puts out and sort of sonar pings at what is out there.

Next there is a sequence of the Universal Body System that comes to life through the use of your physical body and visual intent. This is the rest, awareness, transition, planning, and action of the Universal Body System put to work(although it seems to reverse, but this is because you are creating chemicals which are your new action partakers)

First off you tense the brain location that you wish to activate the chemicals for. For example I'm going to do the Pituitary Gland with you.
  1. You tense this gland, thus placing yourself into your new state to rest within this Yogic Meditation of the Pituitary Gland.
  2. From here you simply begin breathing and become deeper and deeper in awareness of this gland.
  3. The next step is to choose to activate the chemicals, which is probably a given if you are even going to do this meditation, but you may decide to end without activation for some reason, so by this point stopping is still possible
  4. This step requires that you choose what you want to use this chemical for, your brain and all the cells of your body have consciousness of their own, so when you tell them what to do, they are able to listen
  5. Finally after you have chosen what your meditations activation purpose is for, simply release the gland from your tensing of it, which by now should be subconscious, and go on with the benefits of your Yogic Meditation present
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