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What This Christian Believes
11-10-2008, 08:45 AM
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What This Christian Believes
How can you see God face to face when He is everywhere. God can only be seen face to face when He takes a form to reveal Himself. I have no problem believing that God caused a virgin to have a child who is different than all other children. The Son of God created to accomplish God’s will on the earth. I have no problems believing that Jesus lived a sinless life, because He knew what God knows. And because he knew the horror of sin, he didn’t sin. I have no problem calling Jesus God, because He only does what His Father wants Him to do.
I remember the little ant story that has been told so many times to explain God. Suppose you had created a mound of ants and loved them because they were your creation. The problem is they aren’t big enough to see you and most don’t believe you exist. Suppose those ants were doing things that were destroying them and you wanted to warn them. You could become an ant to do that, and maybe the other ants would listen. Of course you would have to create a special ant that you have complete control over. What it says is what you tell it to say. What it thinks is what you program it to think. There wouldn’t be any chance that it would do anything other than what you want it to do. So we could say that the ant and his creator are the same. This post is created by me and is presented in the name of Anthem. Anthem and I are the same person. Anthem does and says what I want him to do and say. And Jesus only does God’s will, God in Christ who loves me and knows me by name.
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