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What does the Holy Quran say about Iron ?
12-27-2009, 01:13 PM (This post was last modified: 12-27-2009 01:15 PM by abd allah.)
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What does the Holy Quran say about Iron ?
The Holy Quran , the last revealed Holy book, carries within its holy verses the evidence toits Divine source .Among the many mitacles that the holy Quran contain is the scientific miracles , more than 1400 years ago ,
The Holy Quran gives scientific facts that have been discovered already and now are scientifically established . When the Holy Quran gives such facts it adds many dimensions to the question of faith in God ; in addition to the faith dimension there is a spiritual dimension that Only Moslems and reasonable non -moslems can feel . The Holy Quran stands in the face of the atheism claims . The other Holy books , being distorted and pregnant with scientific errors that may feed sckepticism , are no longer able to face atheism . Atheism are breeding and taking people away from the right path . The Holy Quran , being the most authenticated book , can be the challanger – No one can believe that a book with such astounding scientific miracles that revealed 1400 years ago can be man-mad . Such facts lead you to believe in God and to believe that the Holy Quran is God’s book …it is up to you to decide ………
Now to our scientific miracle
The Holy Quran ststes in one of its Holy verses that ( iron ) we send down from high skies , i.e, it is not formed in the ground . That what science has aleady discovered . Let’s read this short verse .
God says in the Holy Quran what means "And We sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind…. (Surat al-Hadid: 25)
Modern astronomical findings have disclosed that the ****l of iron found in our world has come down from the giant stars in outer space.
The Holy Quran verse used The Arabic word " Anzlna " which could be rendered " and we sent down " . Iron needs so high temperature to be formed ;
Professor Armstrong works at NASA, otherwise known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where he is a well-known scientist here. He was asked about Iron and how it was formed. He explained how all the elements in the earth were formed.
He stated that the scientists have come only recently to discover the relevant facts about that formation process. He said that the energy of the early solar system was not sufficient to produce elemental Iron. In calculating the energy required to form one atom of iron, it was found to be about four times as much as the energy of the entire solar system. In other words, the entire energy of the earth or the moon or the planet Mars or any other planet is not sufficient to form one new atom of iron, even the energy of the entire solar system is not sufficient for that. That is why Professor Armstrong said that the scientists believe that iron is an extraterrestrial that was sent to earth and not formed therein.
Unlike most of ****ls , iron needs so high temperature to be formed . such high temperature is found no where in our solar system .
"Nova" and "supernova.
Temperature in the Sun is inadequate for the formation of iron. The sun has a surface temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius, and a core temperature of approximately 20 million degrees. Iron can only be produced in much larger stars than the Sun, where the temperature reaches a few hundred million degrees. When the amount of iron exceeds a certain level in a star, the star can no longer accommodate it, and it eventually explodes in what is called a "nova" or a "supernova." These explosions make it possible for iron to be given off into space.
All this shows that iron did not form on the Earth, but was carried from Supernovas, and was "sent down," as stated in the verse. It is clear that this fact could not have been known in the 7th century, when the Qur’an was revealed. Nevertheless, this fact is related in the Qur’an, the Word of Allah, Who encompasses all things in His infinite knowledge.

the rest in the first reply below
Science says that iron and other materials were attracted to the earh when enetered the earth garvity field ; iron fell down on the earth as if it were rain . the earth at that time was like ash , not completely solid as it is now . Iron found its way deep to the core of the earth .
And We sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind….
what is meant by ( and in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind….
In his book Nature’s Destiny, the well-known microbiologist Michael Denton
Of all the ls there is none more essential to life than iron. It is the accumulation of iron in the center of a star which triggers a supernova explosion and the subsequent scattering of the vital atoms of life throughout the cosmos. It was the drawing by gravity of iron atoms to the center of the primeval earth that generated the heat which caused the initial chemical differentiation of the earth, the outgassing of the early atmosphere, and ultimately the formation of the hydrosphere. It is molten iron in the center of the earth which, acting like a gigantic dynamo, generates the earth’s magnetic field, which in turn creates the Van Allen radiation belts that shield the earth’s surface from destructive high-energy-penetrating cosmic radiation and preserve the crucial ozone layer from cosmic ray destruction…
in this connection the Holy Quran , to show God’s blessings , in another verse which implies anew scientific miracle says " And we have made the heavens as a canopy well guarded: yet do they turn away from the Signs which these things (point to)!( Al-Anbyaa :32 )
Without the iron atom, there would be no carbon-based life in the cosmos; no supernovae, no heating of the primitive earth, no atmosphere or hydrosphere. There would be no protective magnetic field, no Van Allen radiation belts, no ozone layer, no l to make hemoglobin [in human blood], no l to tame the reactivity of oxygen, and no oxidative *bolism.
The intriguing and intimate relationship between life and iron, between the red color of blood and the dying of some distant star, not only indicates the relevance of this ls to biology but also the biocentricity of the cosmos…
This account clearly indicates the importance of the iron atom. The fact that particular attention is drawn to iron in the Qur’an also emphasises the importance of the element. In addition, there is another hidden truth in the Qur’an which draws attention to the importance of iron: Surat al-Hadid 25, which refers to iron, contains two rather interesting mathematical codes.
"Al- Hadid" is the 57th sura in the Qur’an. The abjad of the word "Al-Hadid" in Arabic, when the numerological values of its letters are added up, is also 57.
The numerological value of the word "hadid" alone is 26. And 26 is the atomic number of iron.
Moreover, iron oxide particles were used in a cancer treatment in recent months and positive developments were observed. A team led by Dr. Andreas Jordan, at the world famous Charité Hospital in Germany, succeeded in destroying cancer cells with this new technique developed for the treatment of cancer-magnetic fluid hyperthermia (high temperature magnetic liquid). As a result of this technique, first performed on the 26-year-old Nikolaus H., no new cancer cells were observed in the patient in the following three months.
This method of treatment can be summarised as follows:

1. A liquid containing iron oxide particles is injected into the tumour by means of a special syringe. These particles spread throughout the tumour cells. This liquid consists of thousands of millions of particles, 1,000 times smaller than the red blood corpuscles, of iron oxide in 1 cm3 that can easily flow through all blood vessels.42
2. The patient is then placed in a machine with a powerful magnetic field.
3. This magnetic field, applied externally, begins to set the iron particles in the tumour in motion. During this time the temperature in the tumour containing the iron oxide particles rises by up to 45 degrees.
In a few minutes the cancer cells, unable to protect themselves from the heat, are either weakened or destroyed. The tumour may then be completely eradicated with subsequent chemotherapy.43
In this treatment it is only the cancer cells that are affected by the magnetic field, since only they contain the iron oxide particles. The spread of this technique is a major development in the treatment of this potentially lethal disease. In the treatment of such a widespread disease as cancer, the use of the expression "iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind" (Qur’an, 57:25) in the Qur’an is particularly noteworthy. Indeed, in that verse, the Qur’an may be indicating the benefits of iron for human health. (Allah knows best.)
for more information about islam :
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12-27-2009, 02:58 PM (This post was last modified: 12-27-2009 07:32 PM by Venedi Sporoi.)
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RE: What does the Holy Quran say about Iron ?
Even today, though, people have witnessed falling meteorites.

The Kaali crater remains in Estonia today, from a meteor that fell in the seventh century B.C. It became a sacred lake, and during the iron age a wall was constructed around it. Traces of meteoric iron in weapons throughout Northern Europe have been uncovered, and it may be that we now know why the Estonian smiths were reknowned for their iron-work. Finnish lore speaks of Ukko, lord of the sky, creating a new sun. A spark falls from it, and a ball of fire is seen descending and falling south of the Neva river- or roughly around Estonia. Throughout the mythology of the region, the "heavenly smith" God is present.

There is no reason why people in the 7th century, well after the start of the iron age, would necessarily be wholly ignorant about meteoric iron. If this knowledge is remarkable, it's not to the credit of Islam alone.
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12-28-2009, 11:39 AM
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RE: What does the Holy Quran say about Iron ?
Not to mention the verse is, like all of this, extremely vague and inapplicable as any sort of prophecy. Once again we see nothing but the disingenuous nature of Muslims, who feel they have to trick the rest of the world into believing their religion.

Honestly, I'm getting tired of you Muslims posting dozens of these threads, and each of them have the same problems. Stop copying and pasting your websites, and actually use a little thought!

I'm back baby! Thanks for everyone who sent me PMs asking what had happened to me.
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