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When the soul sleeps
11-02-2017, 03:49 PM
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RE: dream state consequences
(08-26-2017 05:36 PM)IMtM Wrote:  
(08-26-2017 05:29 PM)BiggerGodLoves Wrote:  There is always that question. Because no one knows for sure.
Some have returned from near death eXperiences telling of dream like eXperiences of meeting with God or going to a bad scary place.

Others see a light or float around. Others meet with dead family members or friends. There is a lot of stories out there. If You place them all together there is a lot of confusion but it seems to indicate that something is happening in our dream state consequences when we have a Near Death eXperience.
It is the mind interacting with its own mentality and possessed of a dream body. Attachment to a body is the hallmark of the Ego. If I ask you "where are you?" you will answer "here" which refers to a location of the body. The same holds true for dreams, although there is a lack of lucidity which prevents the mind from exercising its complete grasp on them. Yet even in the dream you identify with some body of some type, whether it is perceived or implied. Near Death experience is, in some cases, a complex illusory cocktail of various perceptions. The Ego does not survive past the degradation of the brain's functioning.

A question about NDEs I can never get answered. If a person has some sensory deficit, say totally color blind from birth, are they color blind when out of the body'? What about the natural limitations of eyes? Is their vision still limited to the visible wavelengths or can they see infrared and ultraviolet? Why should there be limitations if the body is left behind?

And here I sit so patiently waiting to find out what price
You have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice
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