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Who should be responsible for the death of carpenter Xu
10-14-2009, 03:06 AM
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Who should be responsible for the death of carpenter Xu
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A carpenter who was died more than 10 years ago now has still been talked by the local people. Why?
[Image: 14des6x.jpg]
The picture of Xu siwen before his death

This man Xu siwen, was a little famous carpenter in Yingcheng City Hubei Province. He ran a wood manufactory well. Mentioning the products made by Xu, people always say “good”. At that time, he had a lovely son, and the family was very happy.
Then carpenter Xu got to practice Falun Gong crazily. He kept to sitting and chanting instead of managing his factory. He paid much money to buy the books and tapes of Falun Gong, then sent the books and tapes to the villages, trying to persuade them to practice Falun Gong. His wife often quarreled with him for his behavior, and his parents knelt down to him for preventing, but in vain. He said that he practiced Falun Gong for his family, and said, “When I get ‘consummation’ and ‘fly up in broad daylight’, we will have anything that we want to get, then we will enjoy happy life. Only in this way, you will avoid the doomsday.” Carpenter Xu put all of himself to practice Falun Gong, and he often went to Hankou and Xiaogan cities to meet other practicer of Falun Gong.
But it was very last thing no one can expected that carpenter Xu took 6 packs of hair dye powder and poisoned himself to death on the eve of Chinese Spring Festival. People who lived in there said that carpenter Xu’s face and neck were swollen very much and laid on the bed stiffly. His diary book was on the desk with words “assistant Spirit has been consummation at 2 o’clock on January 23, 1998” on the last page. On the side of diary book, it had a slip of paper that wrote, “It’s too late! Give me the anaesthetic quickly, let me die quickly!”
[Image: d8kqr.jpg]
The diary of Xu siwen

After carpenter Xu’s death, the family had no income, his wife remarried, his parents brought up their grandson suffering from poverty. Once mention the death of carpenter Xu, his parents can’t stop their tears.
[Image: ixbjg6.jpg]
Xu siwen’s mother was complaining tearfully
The people there sympathize with this family. They feel sorry that a health person was died in this way. But it is a difficult problem that who should be responsible for the death of carpenter Xu.
Please give some suggestions! Thanks!
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10-14-2009, 05:02 AM
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RE: Who should be responsible for the death of carpenter Xu
He unfortunately had some very serious mental health problems by the sound of it. Without knowing more details it would be difficult to comment. Did he have voices telling him to do these things?

No one is responsible, it's just a sad story.
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