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Who should forgive? God or us?
06-02-2010, 03:29 PM
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Who should forgive? God or us?
[/i]Who should forgive? God or us?

Much has been written on repentance and how one must seek forgiveness and repent to gain heaven.

Sin should always has a victim or someone hurt, if you will, by the sin.

It is healthy for a victim to eventually have closure on the issue and forgive.
It is also morally healthy for the sinner to repent and seek forgiveness.

If both the sinner and victim see this and the victim forgives and the sinner repents to the victim, then what does God have to do with the issue?
He is a third party and irrelevant of the particular sin in question.
God was not sinned against and even if you think He is somehow offended then it is His problem for taking offence because one human sinned against another human.

Whose forgiveness is more important?
God’s or the victims?

If the victim does not choose to forgive, does God have any business usurping this benefit from the victim?

If a sinner is forgiven by his victim but is a non believer, does God still hold this, now forgiven sin, against the non believer who, for all we know, has no other sins?

That would seem to be unjust.

Further, Jesus says, only through me, as the path to heaven. This seems to retire the Father and Holy spirit and make them irrelevant to us. This is strange in light of Jesus’ words that say no one is good except God the Father.



God is a cosmic consciousness.
Our next evolutionary step.
No choice.
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