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Why did they Burn the Talmud?
12-05-2008, 02:23 PM (This post was last modified: 12-12-2008 10:19 AM by Question_It.)
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Question Why did they Burn the Talmud?
Hello Everyone!

Question: Why did the early Europeans burn the Jewish Babylonian Talmud and what does that have to do with anything--such as what's wrong with our world? The info below will give you at least two ideas why....

Some of the info I'm going to share with you today basically deals with some of the "details" of what's going on in the world and where we're headed (not a good direction unfortunately).

I gave over five years of my life to university study--I studied the sciences (neuroscience); psychology; and other majors. Afterwards, I realized that I had no more answers to my questions about the world than I had before I entered college. After that, I decided to talk to God more, on a personal level, and I have learned much more. Today, I'll start with one word:

British. It is the nature (behavioral and psychological tendencies of humans) to accept or believe the words of those in leadership positions without question. I was guilty of that at times. But when I learned that as a FREE human being I had the right to question the establishment...I DID. So back to this word.

Scientists are taught one basic foundation before anything else--to ask questions.

One of my favored things to do is search for word etymologies (word origins) because just knowing the foundation of a word can tell you more than you can ever hope to imagine.

For a few days I've been posting information attempting to show the root-source of the world's problems, and that they basically have one common source: the belief by a pack of Elites that it is their ethnic right to subjugate (control and enslave) humankind under the rule of Talmudic Law, and that they have been attempting this coupe for centuries! So let's get the foundational background of the word: British ( will surprise you)

The word British is, in actuality, a HEBREW word. Oh certainly is. How can that be, you ask? Well, historically, this word was established when the Jews were being run out of practically every nation in the middle east and the then-known European nations because the Europeans had discovered that the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud declared that all Goyim (non-Jews) must be enslaved or destroyed, and that Talmudic Jews believed that child-rape was lawful. It was another Jew who gave his life to tell the Gentiles this, and so he translated the Hebrew Talmud into English (it's called the Soncino Edition). To hide, the Jews mixed (intermarried with European families of means (including the aristocracy) and assimilated in order to blend in. But they did NOT give up their Talmudic religion.

They pretended to convert to Christianity but in secret, they continued to practice Talmudic Judaism. To establish their choke-hold on Europe, they created a central banking system (The Rothschilds) and have owned Europe since! This name, Rothschild, was assumed by the Jew whose original name was Mayer Amschel Bauer. Because Europeans (and everyone else) were wary of conducting business with Jews, Amschel changed the family name to Rothschild. His father was a money-lender and goldsmith whose shop was situated on a street in Europe called Judenstrasse (Jew Street). When Amschel came of age he bought out his father's business, but to identify his store from the others, he placed a red-shield over his shop's door--and adopted the name Rothschild which, in English, means red shield. (Now you understand why the color to identify communism is red). If you have not, read Carl Marx's The Communist Manifesto (he was Jewish as well). Finally, on to the word British:

The word British is actually a Hebrew word flipped. Literally, it is really spoken like this: 'ish-brit!

and bris=circumcision
so when spoken literally it means: circumcised man of the covenant

*(when you study the Hebrew language you'll realize that their subjects and predicates don't typically agree like they have to agree in English (to make sense) so that it ends up sounding as if they are speaking backwards)*

So if you do some research (read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) you will discover that the plot to bring down the Gentile nations began generations ago, and that they infiltrated Christianity. Of course, they realized that they had to hide in the shadows behind the Gentile government officials to pull off the ultimate take-over: world control. Do a quick search to learn the ethnic-majority of Obama's cabinet. His chief of staff is an Israeli, and this Israeli's father has an interesting background...
[Image: theWall.jpg]

They infiltrated Free Masonry as well (which is why ALL of the Masonic rituals are Judaic (of Hebrew origin) and of the Kaballa (Caballa). Kabalism consists of occultic Jewish religio practices, and people have NO idea what they're getting into when they fool around with this Satanically powerful form of witchcraft. (This is why there has been the level of contention between Christians and Jews.) According to the Christian's Bible: sorcery, spiritism, and all forms of magic are forbidden, but Talmudic Jews (those who follow the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud) openly practice magic, teach astrology as a way to communicate with "the gods' (fallen angels), believe that sex and marriage with a child under the age of three is lawful, and that a woman of Hebrew descent will not be penalized for having sex with her son if he's under the age of 9! (Read the Babylonian Talmud for yourself). NOW you know why the Jews were being run out of every nation they settled in--they weren't being persecuted..their belief-system is, and was, considered to be diabolical! And THIS is why the early Europeans and others burned the Talmud.

I will post a reading list for you to sort through in an hour or so, so that you can have difinitive sources to refer to.

In the meantime, what you're seeing happening to our government is also spelled out in their plans, and they are simply carrying them out. I have much information to give you, but the information is a compilation of material that it would take anyone years to compile if they had no sources for reference. I will return soon with a reading list to post. I will also post a thread that discusses the Talmud, as well as a There's more than a little mind-control being perpetrated against the American people and I'm going to show you HOW so you can protect yourself, your family, and anyone else you know.
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