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You have free will but are only free to follow the rules.
12-13-2009, 03:38 PM
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You have free will but are only free to follow the rules.
You have free will but are only free to follow the rules.

Is that really freedom?

The only freedom we have is to follow the rules or break them.
No other freedom comes to mind.

This would include either secular rules or religious rules.

Rules of physics and nature are understood.

This free will that you have is freedom that you take.
It is not given to you.
Freedom is not something that can be given unless it is first taken from you.

If we are in God’s image and He in ours, then is He hampered by this same condition of only being able to follow the rules or break them?

He seems to be.


God is a cosmic consciousness.
Our next evolutionary step.
No choice.
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