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about Life Chanyuan
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about Life Chanyuan
800 Values For New Era Human Being


1.Definition of “God”

Lifechanyuan calls “the Greatest Creator” in stead of “God”, which means the Greatest Creator is the headspring of LIFE, the supernatural wisdom in control of the universe and the birth and death of all things, the almighty creator of this magnificent universe. In Teachings of Jesus Christ part, the meaning of “God” equals to “the Greatest Creator”.

2. Definition of "Life"and "LIFE":


LIFE is a nonmaterial structure with spiritual sense.


LIFE is composed of two parts, the intangible spiritual entity and the tangible body. The intangible spiritual entity mainly refers to thought, consciousness, spirit, and soul, etc.The tangible body mainly refers to the flesh body where the soul is attached.


Life is just a journey of LIFE in this world. The traveller is issued a single-entry visa with the travelling date specified.


As a review of the original 800 Values for New Era Human Being, the second edition of 800 Values for New Era Human Being has undergone revisions in a broad range, during which about three hundred entries have been deleted and about three hundred new entries have been added.

The new era of mankind — Lifechanyuan Era has unveiled its curtain. It is being unfolded in full swing, in terms of both theory and practice. Every member of mankind should get to know the connotation of Lifechanyuan Era as early and quickly as possible, otherwise, he or she will certainly lag far behind.

Man must understand why he lives, where he comes from, where he is heading, and how he will arrive at his destination. Man must clearly and thoroughly understand all the contents related to life, such as the origin of the universe, the origin of LIFE, the origin of mankind, the meaning of time and space, the entelechy, the levels of LIFE, the transmigration of LIFE, the value and meaning of life, the relationships between man and nature, between man and society, and between man and man, the nature of marriage, family, nationality, political party, religion, and state; the love, sexual love, and ethics that man must abide by, the value and meaning of consciousness, thinking, structure, and energy to LIFE; and the past, present, and future of mankind. If one does not understand the above contents, he must be a muddleheaded person without a good prospect.

The second edition of 800 Values for New Era Human Being consists of 18 items: Lifechanyuan Era, Home without marriage and family, the Greatest Creator and the Way of the Greatest Creator, the teachings of Jesus Christ, Buddha and The Way of Buddha, the road to celestial being, the Tao, the time, space of the universe, human life, LIFE, love and sexual love, family, Chanyuan celestial, paradise, self-improving and self-refining, garden of soul, energy consciousness and structure, and others.

It is hoped that people with the luck of enlightenment shall carefully pore over “800 Values for New Era Human Being” and meditate on the matter. If you do so, I promise you will not only enjoy a beautiful life but also have a bright future of LIFE.

For your kind attention

“800 Values for New Era Human Being” is the crystallization of mankind’s wisdom, science and soul. It is more importantly the food for thought that has been molded with blood and tears. Hard earned, it can not be measured in terms of money. In order to requite the grace of the Greatest Creator, repay Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, the prophet Muhammad, and pay back the inculcation of all sages in human history, I request that everyone who has read (in whatever way) “800 Values for New Era Human Being” pay two dollars to Lifechanyuan. The payment is uniform all over the world.

The two dollars serves as a test of your conscience. Just let your conscience decide your choice to pay or not to pay. You can pay the two dollars if you feel like doing so; you can choose not to pay if you don’t want to. No one will force you to pay. Lifechanyuan will not pass judgment on you. Lifechanyuan will not laud you if you pay, and will not make out receipt for you either.

The charge of two dollars is purely a procedure specially designed for the evolution of life andLIFE. You may feel rejoiced at the profundity within if you can understand it, you may also take it as a game if you cannot understand it.

If you are willing to pay, please look for the account numbers for payment or other channels of payment from the following four websites.

English website of Lifechanyuan—“New Oasis for LIFE”:;

Best wishes for you!


Lifechanyuan Era

1. Mankind is about to be ushered into Lifechanyuan Era that will span a thousand years.

2. Open the windows and the sunlight and fresh air will come in.

Take a broad view and you will see faraway mountains are fresh and green.

Stay and study in Lifechanyuan will a new LIFE begin.

You will see clear paradise scenes.

3. There are mainly eight major identifying brands for Lifechanyuan Era:

(1). The disappearance of state, religion, political party, and family life;

(2). The absence of court, judge, and lawyers;

(3). The absence of constitution, law, statutes, commandment, and dharma, there will be only values of Lifechanyuan;

(4). Instead of following constitution, laws, statutes, commandment, and dharma as the norm for behavior, people take sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, honesty, diligence, and harmony as the guideline for words and behaviors;

(5). The disappearance of war, diseases, hunger, and crime;

(6). Man will shift from the pursuit of material comfort to the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction;

(7). The production and life of man all over the world will be uniformly steered by sages and managed by wise men;

(8). Man will coexist harmoniously with other advanced LIFE of the universe and nature in an orderly manner.

Lifechanyuan will establish 256 branches around the globe to correspond with the secular governments. The resident members of each branch shall not surpass 300. The people under the jurisdiction of secular governments can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions. Each branch shoulder three functions: copy the life style of the Thousand Year World and provide Chanyuan celestial with bases to cultivate into celestial beings; assist the secular governments and train management personnel for secular governments; strive to transit all the humankind to Chanyuan celestial within 200-300 years and transform the secular governments to Home without marriage and family.

4. Marching toward Lifechanyuan Era is the will of the Greatest Creator, the wish of Christ, the hope of Buddha, the ideal of sages and saints who have exerted their utmost effort to that purpose, and also the desire of the toiling masses who yearn toward such an era. To devote our whole life to Lifechanyuan is the greatest value of LIFE, which has contained the deepest teachings of Christ and Buddha, the beautiful dreams of sages and saints of mankind, and the expectations of all the kind-hearted and diligent people. Let’s march toward Lifechanyuan Era—all people who wish to cultivate the character of celestial beings and Buddha, all people who are willing to devote all their LIFE to the beautiful ideals of mankind, all people who are trekking and climbing toward the highest compass of life and LIFE and all people who wish to enter the heaven through cultivation.

The greatest characteristic of Lifechanyuan Era is the absence of family, religion, political party, and state in the world. “the talented will be put to good use, and the whole world will be one family”, in which “no one would pocket anything found on the ground, and doors are not bolted at night”, The people will be natural and pure, the weather will be good for harvest, the society will be harmonious, the will of the people will be peaceful, the products will be plentiful, and everyone will be happy.

5. Family, nationality, state, political party, and religion is the source of misfortune for mankind.

6. Those favoring private ownership are seculars, those preferring public ownership are sages, those bent on non-ownership are celestial beings.

7. The thing will be of greater value if it is shared to a larger extent. The greater the extent of sharing, the higher the utilization ratio of resources will be, and the greater their values and significances will be. Man must bring his talent into full play, and materials should be put to full use. This is the will of the Greatest Creator, as well as the wish of all kind-hearted, diligent, honest, and trustworthy people. A civilized society is one in which resources are shared by all its members; a barbarian society is one in which resources are contested and occupied.

8. Only after Lifechanyuan Era is initiated for people to lead the life of Home without marriage and family in Lifechanyuan, can people get rid of the suffering of life, and obtain a happy, joyful, free and blessed life.

9. The optimum system of administration for human society is “Lifechanyuan plus secular government”. Lifechanyuan takes charge of man’s spiritual being, while secular governments shall be responsible for the material construction and ensure the efficiency and order of life and society of humankind.

10. Lifechanyuan is the homestead of man’s spirit and soul, the transfer station for seculars to move toward the higher level ofLIFE space, and the headspring for every individual to obtain sublimation of spiritualism and acquire spiritual wealth. The core of Lifechanyuan is reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and following the Way of the Greatest Creator. The purpose of Lifechanyuan is to gradually eliminate the shackles and bondages of family, nationality, state, political party, and religion and lead man to Lifechanyuan Era.

11. All the mankind must enter Lifechanyuan Era, initiate Lifechanyuan Era, and march toward Lifechanyuan Era—this is the best road of life, the most miraculous road of self-improving and self-refining, and the only road for man to solve all the crises he faces and march toward civilization and happiness. The relationship between Lifechanyuan and government is that between fish and water. Government is water, and Lifechanyuan is fish. Lifechanyuan does not interfere with and comment on government actions. Lifechanyuan is unconditionally subject to the administration of government. Any Chanyuan celestial will be punished by government if he has violated government regulations. Lifechanyuan will not interfere. If any branch of Lifechanyuan across the world is to be banned because of its inappropriate behaviors. The instructions of the government must be enforced immediately, and the branch must be disbanded instantly without any defiance. The disbanded branch shall not lodge any complaint or plan any secret activities. If any Chanyuan celestial abet or instigate other Chanyuan celestials to rival and create difficulties for the government, he is then proved to be a careerist and schemer, and shall be immediately ridded of his competency as a Chanyuan celestial and expelled from the homestead.

12. Before the birth of Lifechanyuan, man has chosen two wrong paths: one is the abandonment of this life in pursuit of a future life, which is characterized by a passive and pessimistic cultivation for the future instead of positively and optimistically creating the present life; the other is the abandonment of the future life in pursuit of a befuddled present life, viewing the future as an illusion and engrossed in the enjoyment of the present life to the negligence of future life. Man has taken two wrong roads: one is the placement of hope upon gods and emperors, submitting himself to the will of Heaven, leading a conservative life, and expecting windfall from the sky; the other is the placement of hope upon himself, harboring the idea that man is to conquer nature, and showing no reverence for the Greatest Creator and god, which as a result has not only rendered him unable to enjoy the pleasure of life but also forfeited his splendid prospect for the future.

13. The network era is coming for all religions tending toward unification, and for “Harvest the ripe crops”. It is also coming for the LIFE of the universe which is undergoing grand adjustment, and for purifing the earth. . The network era is coming and we are to be ushered in Lifechanyuan Era.

The symbols of “ripe crops” are:

(1). Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator.

(2). No involvement in marriage and family, state, political party, and religion.

(3). The absence of status, property, fame, and influence.

(4). The absence of jealousy, complaint, and comparison; the absence of selfishness, greed, and scheming; the absence of sloth, arrogance, and resentment; the absence of worry, anxiety and dread.

(5). Not opinionated, be flexible and accommodating, act as accords one’s nature, and follow the Tao.

(6). Humble, kind, hardworking, honest, trustworthy, simple and unsophisticated, healthy, and civilized.

(7). Know how to play, know how to play games, like collective activities and collective life, open-minded and active, and maintain a happy and joyful state of mind.

(8). Do not cling to a mortal’s life but a celestial life; do not cling to a mortal’s human relationship but a celestial order, do not pursue a mortal’s path but a celestial road, do not long for the human world but the fairyland.

14. The heaven becomes clear and bright when unified, the earth becomes peaceful when united, the deity becomes effective when united, the grain becomes prosperous when united, all things become thriving when unified, and a saint’s idea may become universal if he pursues the uniform truth. The whole of mankind has only one government, one belief, one order, and one pattern; man can only have one goal, one wish, one path to build, and one road to follow all through his life. Otherwise, it will be difficult to realize the clarity, peace, effectiveness, and prosperity. Excess breeds confusion and heterogeneity causes irritation. Only if “all methods are unified into one general principle”, and “all religions are unified into one uniform religion”, can the uniformity be realized. Only if the uniformity is realized, can we enjoy harmony, peace, auspiciousness, good weather, and a happy, joyful,free and blessed life.

15. Localism and nationalism are the symbols of barbarism and fatuity. No affairs on the earth belong to any particular nation or localism adherents. Instead, they belong to the whole of mankind. The administration of every region should be exercised not by the people chosen from among the locals or from among a local nation but by the most outstanding talents selected from the whole of mankind. Only if the talented are entrusted with important missions can the whole world be united as one family. Only in so doing can the toiling multitude obtain freedom and happiness.

16. Everyone has the power endowed by god to condemn and intervene in affairs in any corner of the earth and condemn and intervene in the affairs of all countries, all political parties, all religions, all nationalities, and all organizations.

17. You cannot enter the life of Home without marriage and family without leaving the traditional family, you can not escape the transmigration in the human world without cultivating celestial being, and you cannot enter Lifechanyuan Era without disbanding family, state, religion, and political parties.

18. Man must seek the guidance and teachings of god, Buddha, immortals, and sages in order to enter the era of peace, nature, auspiciousness, happiness, and pleasure. We must revere Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Mohammad, and Lao Tzu, we must listen to their teachings and act accordingly.

19. The best way of funeral and internment in history is cremation, after which the ashes is sprinkled and scattered among the towering mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, and seas, with no corpse, no tomb, and traces left behind. The system of funeral and internment prescribed by Lifechanyuan is beneficial to the future of LIFE of Chanyuan celestial. It minimizes the burden on friends and relatives. There would be no troubles caused to offspring by the occupation of space on the earth. It is the symbol of civilization and the sign of the sublimation of culture. In Lifechanyuan Era, the funeral and interment system of Lifechanyuan is implemented: the cremation after the death of man and the scattering of ashes among the rivers, lakes, seas, and green mountains and fields, which dispenses with the building of tombs, the keeping of ashes, the establishment of memorial, and the mark of any traces.

20. Compendium of holographic order management procedure for man’s new life:

(1) Establish a global government, gradually disband all countries, cancel the immigrant bureaus and embassies of all countries, and permit the free movement of global citizens around the world.

(2) Gradually dissolve all religious organization, and unify the various beliefs as the reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and the adherence to the Way of the Greatest Creator.

(3) Gradually disaggregate the traditional pattern of marriage and family life, and guide man to the new life pattern of Home without marriage and family created by Lifechanyuan.

(4) The interest of the whole mankind reigns supreme. Gradually make the disappearance of all political parties in the world. Adhere to one belief, one government, and one idea. A saint’s idea may become universal if he pursues the uniform truth.

(5) The function of government lies solely in the general arrangement of man’s production and life.

(6) Cancel the constitutions and laws of all countries, including the Charter of the United Nations, abolish all bylaws, commandments and dharma, and man will jointly abide by 800 Values for New Era Human Being.

(7) New life of mankind shall dispense with family, close or distant relations, nationalities, and private properties. Everyone has nothing of his own but yet can possess everything.

(8) Everyone shall try his utmost and be allotted as accords his needs.

(9) Advocate thrift and simplicity; keep luxury and extravagance in check.

(10) Advocate diligence, credibility and rein in laziness, corruption and hypocrisy.

(11) Make everyone do the work he likes.

(12) Guarantee that every global citizen has his share of business to attend to.

(13) Make money disappear.

(14) The Sage Manages affairs without action and Preaches the doctrine without words;

(15) Exalt not the wise, So that the people shall not scheme and contend;

(16) Prize not rare objects, So that the people shall not steal;

(17) Shut out from site the things of desire, So that the people's hearts shall not be disturbed.

(18) Banish wisdom, discard knowledge; banish "humanity," discard "justice,"; banish cunning, discard "utility,".

(19) Fill up its apertures, Close its doors, Dull its edges, Untie its tangles, Soften its light, Submerge its turmoil, This is the Mystic Unity.

(20) Tao models itself after nature. Abnegate all ethical sermons.

(21) Respect facts, science, logic, and spiritual perception, seek truth from facts, and tell truth.

(22) Explain the connotation of Tao, sublime man’s quality, eliminate jealousy, complaint, and comparison.

(23) I shall not offer help if no one seeks it, I will eagerly offer help if help is needed.

(24) Education imparts only three aspects of knowledge: the Way of the Greatest Creator (including music, art, and the like), the Way to conduct oneself (including human culture and history), and science.

(25) Inspire the qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith, and honesty in man’s inner world. Man’s production and life are gradually transformed into a holographic order pattern which distinguishes no supervisor and supervisee.

(26) Citizens all say what they feel like saying, do what they feel like doing, build their own road, and follow their own paths, not minding other people’s business.

(27) Retain only the traditional and natural festivals, and annul all festivals related to god, Buddha, man, state, political party, army, and religion.

(28) Celebrate no birthday.

(29) Promote natural way of health preservation, guarantee everyone’s physical and mental health, and gradually eliminate the weakness of the system of hospitals, doctors, and medical treatment created by human wisdom, which may attend to one problem but at the same time neglect another.

(30) Gradually ensure that Home without marriage and family may take charge of everyone’s food, clothes, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, disease, and death. Make sure that education and medical treatment is free of charge.

(31) Lifechanyuan Era has no churches, Buddhist temples, mosques, Taoist temples, cloisters, and any architecture and idols used for worshipping or sacrifice.

21. The earth created by the Greatest Creator is for all people on the earth to inhabit. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the earth. Everyone on the earth has the power endowed by the god to walk freely on the earth. However, the laws and regulations instituted by all countries and the frontier defenses and the immigration bureaus have hindered the free movement of people on the earth. Therefore, although the immigration bureaus of all countries have played certain functions during the early period of its establishment, the existence of immigration bureaus in all countries is against the principle of civilizations, against the will of the public, and against the Way of the Greatest Creator, so immigration bureaus should be banished.

22. Lifechanyuan Era shall last for a thousand years, during which the first one hundred to two hundred years will still be spent on the purification of souls. During this period, capitalist should be allowed to exist. The wealths owned by capitalists are results of their hard work and wisdom. Any individual’s personal wealth shall not be bereaved under any pretense or excuses. Private property shall in no way be plundered. Lifechanyuan follows the way of the Greatest Creator, the Way of the Greatest Creator is the Tao of nature, and the Way of the Greatest Creator does not preach any form of coercion.

23. Lifechanyuan revere LIFE and cherish LIFE. It does not tolerate harm and maltreatment of LIFE, including all forms of LIFE. It respects and cherishes not only god, Buddha, celestial beings, saint, man, animals, plants, and insects, it also respects demons, monsters, ghosts, devils, goblins, evil spirit, and other LIFE forms, because all beings have their values and significances for existence.

24. The life style of Lifechanyuan Era is an urbanized Xanadu. Not purely urban or rustic, it is a close combination between the two life styles, an intimate integration of the natural with the artificial. For example, a stretch of meadow is nature, but transformed into a lawn, it becomes artificial. Therefore, artificial intelligence cannot be dispensed with, science cannot be discarded, and power, telecommunications, and transportation, and other inventions created by science cannot be abandoned.
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Origin of the Universe
Origin of the Universe


Before many chemical elements were found, most of the chemists didn’t know how many chemical elements are there on the Earth and their relationship. Dmitri Mendeleev had already made the famous Periodic Table of the Chemical Element, calculated the atomic quantity of elements and showed us the relationship between them. The elements discovered later were all included in his Table.
The case has demonstrated everything in the Universe has the order and laws. Some people say the Universe is lawless and disorderly because they haven’t found the laws and order.

2. Origin of the Universe
All things within the time scope, including the celestial bodies and Universe, have their origin, the birth time and process of development. The beginning and ending time of the Universe, just as theπ and golden ratio, is mysterious and can’t be reached by our wisdom. Compared with the wisdom of the Greatest Creator, our wisdom is just like a drop in the sea. I would like to share my knowledge of the beginning of the Universe gained while my mind was in peace.

When I am seeking what things in the Universe are eternal, when I am thinking about the resurrection in the Bible, when I am meditating the “The life is like a dream and all the four elements (earth, water, fire and air of which the world is made) are void” in the Buddhist scripture, when I am trying to figure out the source of Tao in the Tao Te Ching, when I ask myself why I would go to the Mortal World, why we exist and where we are going, I have known the beginning process of the Universe. However, when I am delighted to think I have found the mystery of the Universe, I suddenly realize that this mystery of the Universe beginning was explained by the humans (the ancestors of dragon nation) 6,000 years ago. It is like a Mt. Everest climber, after reaching the peak after multiple difficulties, finds someone else has left his footprint on it. Thus, I am not bold enough to claim myself as the first one knowing the Universe beginning. I only wish to add some details based on the wisdom of the past talents.

The River Diagram, The Book of Changes and the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine have told us the process of the Universe beginning is : Wuji generates Taiji, Taiji generates two polarities, the two polarities produce the four directions, the four directions create the eight trigrams, the eight trigrams create Hexagram, and the Hexagram create all things in the Universe.

3. Before the universe was Wuji.
What is the state of Wuji?

Wuji is the state of neither in nor out, neither big nor small, neither bound nor edge, neither null nor true, neither time nor space, neither material nor spirit. It is clear, chaos, everything and nothing.

The detailed explanation of the state can’t be completed even in a book containing 1 million words. I just want to stick to one point. According to the estimation of the paleontologists, the Earth was born about 4.5 billion years ago. Then where was the Earth before it was born? We can only conclude that it was in Wuji before it was born, just like the human beings. We were also in Wuji before we were born. Because the whole Universe was in Wuji before it was born, Wuji contains everything. But where is Wuji? A thing without time, space, material, spirit, inside, outside, large size, small size, border, edge, firmness or emptiness can only be described by the word “shapeless and visionary”. However, Wuji doesn’t mean it contains nothing. Instead, it contains everything. It has nothing and everything at the same time. That’s why The Diamond Sutra was profound and difficult to understand. For example:

“There is no law, and there is no lawless.”

“If Tathagata explains the laws, don’t believe it. The laws can’t be explained. If explained, they are not the laws or not the lawless.”

“The Buddhism is no Buddhism.”

“The name of Anagami is Bulai. But actually Bulai doesn’t exist. So Anagami is called Anagami.”

“The solemn Buddhist is not solemn. It is called the Solemn.”

“Tathagata says the world is not the world. So it is called the world.”

“I should eliminate all life. After doing that, I found no life has been eliminated.”

And so on.

If we don’t know the origin of the Universe, it is very difficult for us to understand the above “Buddha words”. If we can fully understand the above “Non Buddha words”, we will know the origin of the Universe.

Before everything was born, they were in Wuji. So Wuji means everything.

We wish to take an example from the mythical novel Journey to the West to imagine the space in Wuji.

Monk Tang and his apprentices entered the disguised monastery. The Monkey King was trapped in the gold cymbal by the demon head. So how big or how small was this gold cymbal? No matter how high or how low the Monkey King could transform himself, the cymbal could change too following him. The Wuji space before the Universe was born was in the state as the cymbal. It was extremely large and extremely small.

The space described in Einstein’s the General Theory of Relativity just refers to the space above mentioned. The size of the space is not decided by the energy. However, it is decided by the existence of matters. The more matters are transformed from the energy, the larger the space will be and vice versa. If there is no matter, there will no space. It’s the same as the relationship between the Monkey King and the gold cymbal. The space in the cymbal is decided by the size of the Monkey King transforms himself. The traditional science believes that the space is like a box and the material is a particle in the box. When the particle disappears, the space is still there. Nevertheless, the space is not like that. When the particle is not there, the space will disappear. The space is determined by the distribution of particles. The space will twist, swell, contract or even disappear as the material and its energy change the size.

How to understand the time in Wuji?

Time is generated by the movement of objects. There is no time without motion.

For example, a man is 40 years old because the cells in his body are splitting, moving and dying. If the cells were not moving or splitting, he would not have lived till 40. A piece of fresh meat will rot in a few days if placed open to the air in hot weather. However, if we put the meat in the fridge, it will not rot in months. Why? The meat in the fridge has slow even halting cell movement. When the cell movement slows down, the time of the meat is lengthened. And when the cell movement stops, the time of the meat disappears.

If a man is never born, does he still have time? If the Earth is not born, does the Earth have time? If the Universe is not born, does the Universe have time? No.

This is the time in Wuji.

The core of the quantum mechanics is the “uncertainty”. Why? The time does not lapse evenly. The time is changing. So how can you obtain the “certainty”?

That’s all about my explanation of Wuji.

4. Wuji Generates Taiji
What is the state of Taiji?

First, we have to know Taiji is generated from Wuji.

Wuji is nothing and everything. It is everything because the energy existence in it can produce the material world. It is nothing because the energy in it is not material. It is chaos without firmness or emptiness. It is like the sky. When the sky is clear, there is nothing in it. But when it is cloudy, we can see the clouds and lightings and hear the thunders. Then there is everything.

In Wuji, there is the intangible energy. The intangible energy (in contrast with the tangible energy) is moving irregularly. When the irregular movement, accidently on a point, formed a specific order or symbol, the entire Wuji has formed a potential power arrow called the “tornado” centered on this point.
This potential power arrow, or “tornado”, is just called Taiji. (Please note that the tornado is simply a momentum with only potential power. It does not have kinetic energy because it is not rotating.)

This is how Taiji is generated from Wuji.

Taiji is in such a state: it is the one, amorphous, the unity without opposites, and an extremely large energy cluster (It is just like a locked reservoir containing billions of billions of Pacific)

The Taiji is just the Greatest Creator in common sense.

In Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said, “Chaos was born before there was the Earth and Heaven.” Before the Universe was born, “something” existed. This “something” is Taiji, the intelligence of the Greatest Creator. Lao Tzu named this “something” as Tao because he confused the nature and intelligence of the Greatest Creator.

After understanding what Wuji is, we can understand Buddha and Buddhism. After understanding Taiji, we can understand Tao and Taoism.

5. Taiji creates the Two Polarities
What are the two polarities?

It refers to the phenomenon of opposition.

For instance, in the state of Taiji, everything is the one and amorphous. But in the state of the “two polarities”, the intangible energy is shown up in a tangible form. The Sun, for example, is an energy cluster. It has been transformed from the intangible energy form in the state of Taiji into the tangible energy form. So the energy is classified into the tangible energy and intangible energy. “None” and “Existence” form the “two polarities”, namely, the unity of opposites.

The contents of the “two polarities” include: none and existence, firmness and emptiness, Yin and Yang, positive and negative, static and dynamic, left and right, up and down, exterior and interior, front and rear, high and low, noble and humble, hard and soft, big and small, strong and weak, dark and light, male and female, rich and poor, fortunate and unfortunate, gain and loss, merit and fault, more and less, life and death, true and false, good and evil, beauty and ugly, etc. They are the unities of opposites.

Everything in the Universe as we know is the demonstrations of the “two polarities".

Then how are the “two polarities” were born out of the Taiji?

We have known that the irregular movement of energy in Wuji accidently formed a certain order. All the energy, in a short while, formed overwhelmingly an intangible potential energy. If the potential energy is not given out, it will only remain latent like a “paper-made tiger”. However, when all energies gather at the central point, the energy center has changed its nature, just like the water will evaporate when heated to a certain degree. At this time, the energy center, or the nucleus, is no long a kind of energy. Instead, it has become a special structure surrounded by great energies. When this structure is complete, the Consciousness comes into being. It is just like a fertilized egg without Consciousness. When it keeps absorbing energy in its mother’s uterus and improves its structure, a conscious animal (human) will be born.

The gathering of mammoth energies has led to the alienation of the energy center, resulting in a structure. The constant improvement of the structure ended up with the emergence of the Consciousness, which is the symbol of life birth. The Consciousness gathering all energies then started the process of creating the Universe. And it is the Greatest Creator.

After the Greatest Creator is born, the energy in the Taiji began to move around the Greatest Creator’s Consciousness. We can also say that all energies move around the structure of the energy center. Just like a human body, when your consciousness tells you to urinate, the bladder door is open and the urine goes out. When you want to look at the sky, your head will be raised and your eyes opened automatically. When you want to have sexual intercourse, your penis is erected.

After the Greatest Creator is born, the “two polarities” come into being, the celestial bodies show up, the celestial movement begins, the unlimited space is born, the time starts and everything gets into the movement cycle of life and death.

6. The “Two Polarities” create the“Four Directions”
The “two polarities” have brought about the “four directions”. There is south, north, east and west. There is front, rear, left and right. There is life, growth, decline and death. There is quadrant 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the function image.

7. The “Four Directions” create the “Eight Trigrams”
Because there is south, north, east and west, there are now 8 directions including the east, southeast, south, southwest, west, northwest, north and northeast. The eight directions are called Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen and Kun respectively, forming the 8 trigrams. Each direction has its special meaning. Each direction has its different chance changes. Let’s take a person as an example. If he remains healthy in the south, he might find it difficult to get accustomed to the north. If nothing goes smooth in the east, he may achieve success in the west and the ugly duckling might become the white swan. Even grass will have different growth model and blossoming timing in different directions and locations.

8、The Permutation and Combination of the 8 Trigrams (Qian, Dui, Li, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Gen, and Kun) Produce the 64 Trigrams
The 64 trigrams are corresponding to the 64 factors in the Universe. But as to the details of these 64 factors, because they are related to all the mysteries in the Universe and hidden to the common people, even the King Wen of Zhou in the Canonization of the Gods didn’t know all of them. And the most achieved Taoists in China only knew a few of the factors. Sakyamuni masters half of them and Jesus only knows a few more than Sakyamuni does.

We often hear people say “No disclosure of the Heaven secrets”. The heaven secrets are just hidden in the 64 trigrams. The permutation and combination of the 64 trigrams have caused the birth and death of all things in the Universe. The things that you can’t imagine are just the combination of 2 factors. The power of Jesus lies in his mastery of the formula of these factors.
The birth and death of all things, the limitless mysteries and all changes and movements in the Universe are hidden in the permutation and combination (formula) of these 64 trigrams. “No coming, no going, the time-space ends and origin shows up.”

This is the brief process of the birth of the universe.
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RE: about Life Chanyuan
Threads merged - ivy it's regarded as a form of spam on this site to copy/paste large amounts of text. This site is dedicated to discussion and debate so please feel free to engage in discussion with other posters rather than just posting all this text.
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RE: about Life Chanyuan
(07-05-2017 08:19 AM)Visqueen Wrote:  Threads merged - ivy it's regarded as a form of spam on this site to copy/paste large amounts of text. This site is dedicated to discussion and debate so please feel free to engage in discussion with other posters rather than just posting all this text.

See , thanks for reminding. I better put it here as a blog post.
Home without marriage and family

25. Home without marriage and family is the new life pattern of man created by Lifechanyuan, which has been proved to be successful in practice. It is the transfer station between the human world and the heaven.

26. The general programme of Home without marriage and family of man’s new life: unify all methods into one general principle, and unify all religions into one uniform religion, and unify the whole world with 800 Values for New Era Human Being, and lead mankind into Lifechanyuan Era, which is characterized by the absence of state, religion, political party, marriage and family, and spouse relationship, and in which “the worthy person can fully utilize his talents, the whole world is like one family”, “No one will keep lost articles found on the roadside, and the houses need not be bolted at night”, everything will be in complete harmony, the weather will be good for harvest, and everyone will be happy, joyful, free and blessed.

27. Home without marriage and family mainly consists of people who are not ready to get married and establish a family, people who choose not to remarry and set up another family after divorce, and couples who are both Chanyuan celestial. This new life pattern mainly copies the life style of celestial beings in the Thousand-year World. The main content of the new life pattern includes mainly: 1. No-ownership is practiced, with everyone owning nothing and yet possessing everything. 2. There is no marriage, no family, and no distinction between close and distant relations; the relationship between people is that between sisters, brothers, close relatives, and lovers. 3. Everyone tries his best and gets what he needs, and does not indulge in luxury and extravagance. 4. The homestead shall collectively be responsible for everyone’s food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death, for the rearing and education of children, and for the nursing and supporting of the elderly people. 5. Everyone chooses a job according to his hobbies and special skills, and tries his best to ensure the best performance in the work he is responsible for. There should be no space for lazybones and easy riders in Home without marriage and family. 6. Everyone has a sacred free space—bedroom, which is free from disturbance and interference. No one should intrude into this free space under any pretense or excuse. The other spaces are public spaces and public places. 7. Everyone shall have a happy, joyful, free and blessed life. 8. Individuality shall blend with commonness, commonness shall accommodate individuality, and there shall be both uniform will and personally comfortable mood. Carry out the policy to ensure that everyone can show his special feats. Home without marriage and family is both an integrated group and a paradise consisting of mutually independent individuals.

28. To scale the highest realm of life and LIFE, we should resolve to blend ourselves into the collective life, because without collective life our dream and ideal cannot be realized. Up to the present time, man has not yet tried the real collective life. A group of people working together cannot yet be counted as collective life. We are leading a real collective life only when the food, clothing, shelter, transportation, birth, aging, illness, and death of all the members are included into the public interests under the circumstance of the absence of private properties, private ownership, and marriage and family and when in such situations people work, live, and have relaxation together, and share both blessing and woes. If there exist differences between individuals in terms of status, life, and enjoyment, then it means the divorce from the tenet of collective life. The collective life of Home without marriage and family is a huge melting pot, which is externally featureless but actually a smelting furnace with high temperature and high pressure. Those who can stand the smelting of this furnace will finally succeed in cultivation and become a celestial being. Those who cannot will either endure the suffering and chastening in the furnace for a very long time or return to the secular society of the human world through another exit—the gate of man.

29. Home without marriage and family bombards the traditional marriage and family, which is a program of life infected with virus. Such virus will encroach upon the sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith and honesty in human nature and drag the originally happy, joyfu,free and blessed life into the abyss of suffering, anxiety, enslavement, and desperation. To disband the traditional marriage and family and replace it with brand-new style of life is very important matter that concerns the happiness of every person. Leaving the traditional family for Home without marriage and family of Lifechanyuan resembles outwardly leaving one family and entering another family, but actually the content of life is totally different. Home without marriage and family is not only capable of what the traditional family is capable of but also is capable of what the traditional family is incapable of.

30. Holographic order management, non-management is the best management. There is no law and yet law is prevalent everywhere; there are no regulations and yet regulations is everywhere—this is holographic order management.

31. Home without marriage and family is the No.1 home on the earth. A happy and auspicious place is the place blessed with the grace of the greatest Creator. A pleasant and jubilant place is the place cared for by Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni; and a free and beatific place is the place where the dreams of the sages and saints of past generations are realized. The first homestead is born for the grand adjustment of the LIFE of the universe. It serves the purification of the earth, and lays foundations for the new life of mankind after 2013. It is hoped that the virtuous people may find the gate to the first homestead as quickly as possible and become a member of the first home stead as soon as possible. This is the most important thing among all other issues that you have to address. It is time to redefine the traditional human relationship based on kin relations. All those who act on the order of the Greatest Creator are our relatives, and all those whose souls share the same frequency and resonate with ours are our relatives.

32. Collective life is superior to individual life. Collective life is the best place for self-improving and self-refining. If we cannot blend into the collective life and go through the edification and smelting of collective life, we will not be able to enter the heaven.

33. The building of the culture of Home without marriage and family: build up great trust; keep a state of gratitude;be straightforward and outspoken;be free in friendly feelings and sexual love;rely on the homestead;get rid of corruption, laziness, extravagance, and selfishness;strictly adhere to the Tao of nature;A tree may have tens of thousands of branches but you can hold onto the main trunk that may unify all the others.

34. Individual life is suitable only to selfish persons, while collective life is propitious to the unselfish persons. For those who are barbarian and ignorant, selfish, narrow-minded, hideous, jealous and resentful, and addicted to bad hobbies, individual life is what suits them best. For those who are civilized and well-bred, public-minded and unselfish, straightforward and broad-minded, loving and kind-hearted, and psychologically and physiologically sound, collective life is what suits them best.

35. Holographic order management is non-management. Everyone is the master and servant all at once. One is different from another only in the division of labor. There exists no relationship between the leaders and governed. Everyone tries his best to bring into full play the characters of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love,faith, and honesty. Everyone says what is in his mind, does his own work, take charge of his own responsibility, build his own path, and go his own way, minding not other’s business. He will be responsible for the Greatest Creator and himself, not for others. He will not offer help if no one seeks help, but he will immediately offer help if help is needed. Anyone who offers a suggestion will be responsible for its execution. Everyone will build a sacred court in his own conscience and pass judgment upon himself.

36. Laziness is the archenemy of Home without marriage and family. Diligence symbolizes beauty, while laziness represents ugliness. Diligence leads to a bright future, while laziness ruins the happiness endowed by the Greatest Creator.Laziness can destroy everything. It will make people sink into depravity; it will corrupt and erode people’s will, spirit, soul, and body. It will cause the collapse of a diligent collective. It will affect the spiritual health of a community like a virus, and eventually cast a listless and spiritless spell over everything. What meet the eyes will then be depression, ruin, and destruction.

The laborers have the greatest souls. Although they may not be able to compose articles of great literary talent and wisdom, they may lack the skills for debate, they are not clever enough to exhibit their intelligence, they may be extremely ordinary, they may not be able to preach Buddhism and Taoism, they may not be able to recite or quote the phrases or sentences from classics, however they have the greatest souls. Their behaviors in themselves have proved that they have abided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, Sakyamuni, Lao Tzu, and sages and saints.

37. In order to realize the ideals of man’s sages and saints and the wishes of the broad masses, and to set a good example for mankind, Lifechanyuan has initiated the unprecedented model of the new life style of man in the future—Home without marriage and family of Lifechanyuan. This is no longer idle theorizing but reality of life. Home without marriage and family of Lifechanyuan is the copy of the Thousand-year World in the human world. It is the base of self-cultivation for Chanyuan celestial to thoroughly remould themselves and achieve a celestial being. It is the transfer station from the human world to the heaven. Home without marriage and family of Lifechanyuan is exploring a new road of life for mankind. We firmly believe that when the whole of mankind lives according to the life pattern of Home without marriage and family the tribulations of mankind will be alleviated, everyone’s suffering will be eased, the deterioration of the nature may be reversed, and mankind will certainly enter the Lifechanyuan era that is to last a thousand years.

Home without marriage and family to be built by Lifechanyuan can be said to be a sequel to the Utopian and communist practices in history, because it has not only preserved the quintessence of human wisdom, but also has expanded and innovated the new field of vision, and because it has not only averted from its deficiencies but also has perfected its theory and practice. Although in the actual process of practice there may still arise a variety of problems, however, as long as we are active in thinking, and practical and realistic, as long as we keep on improving and stick to the values of Chanyuan, we believe Home without marriage and family will set a good example for man to enter Lifechanyuan Era.

Home without marriage and family of Lifechanyuan has solved the problem that has been left over for thousands of years—the support of the old people. With the continuous consolidation and improvement of Home without marriage and family, Home without marriage and family will become the paradise not only for children, young people, and middle-aged people, but particularly for old people.

If we stick to the values, bring our respective advantages into full play, and serve each other, we can guarantee our happy, joyful,free and blessed life. Then the LIFE prospect for the Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and the celestial islands continent of the Elysium World can be guaranteed.

38. Home without marriage and family will implement the holographic order management pattern, whose main connotation is that non-management is the best management. There will be no constitution, laws, statutes, systems, commandments, and dharmas, instead there will be only 800 Values for New Era Human Being. Handle daily affairs with theories of ”keeps the main and change the others according to the situation”, “Buddha has no settled rules. Buddha's rules is always variable according to the situation ”, fully mobilizing and inspiring the characters of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faith and honesty in human nature and creating conditions for the full exertion of these qualities. All is done on free will without any administrative compulsion.

39. All members of Home without marriage and family shall be transferred to a new place every three years. Namely, after working and living in a certain branch, they will be transferred to live and work in another branch.

40. Any Chanyuan celestial working and living in Home without marriage and family shall be expelled from the homestead if he is found to have consciously incurredpsychological, spiritual and physical harms to other members.
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A Life Without Regrets
[Image: 1miLsHba]
There are countless paths of Life but few of them are without regrets. From imperial families to those in poverty and from highbrow dignitaries with imperial notions to the masses who follow pop culture, few people can say when they leave the mortal world, “I regret nothing in my life.”

Regrets are part of Life. Remorse and distress interweave into Life as people advance dauntlessly, trying to pursue an optimum life through one attempt after another. Philosophers, religionists, and politicians try to navigate through Life with efforts to make them work without regrets and although everyone begins to fight for their ideal Life from the time they are born, almost all eventually leave the world with regrets and emotional scars.

Which way leads to a Life without regrets? In the early 1980’s, I wrote a letter to a friend in which I listed three main pursuits in Life: health, wealth, and freedom, however I have found that even after having achieved these goals, I am still far away from that Life without regrets.

Today I view having a Life without regrets as one which realizes these five ideals:

1.To connect one's own Life with that of the source LIFE. In this case, no matter how short ones Life is in this mortal world and no matter what hardships or splendours they might traverse, their LIFE will always remain connected with eternity, and a much more magnificent picture will manifest itself in the end. In this way, their Life will have no regrets.

2.To accept one's fate as it is. Whether one is a blade of grass or a peony, a robust eagle daunting through the sky or an agile swallow flying over fields and under eaves, whether they are born handsome and beautiful or plain and ordinary, whether they are highly gifted or severely challenged, and whether they are born into a humble house in a remote village or into the imperial palace in the capital, they can all appreciate the sun and moon, rivers and mountains, the rosy dawn and sunset’s glow, the wind and frost, and the rain and snow. As long as they have hearts like this, they will feel grateful and not complain about the Tao of heaven being "unfair", will have a healthy mentality, will not envy others’ brilliance, will be down to earth, and will not take risks and fall into traps and black holes. This too is the way to lead a Life without regrets.

3.To create joy in one's Life through hard work, as busy as a bee working cheerfully. No matter how much ideological or material wealth they create, no matter whether the fruits of their labor are enjoyed by many or few, they must keep working sincerely. They must not expect to be extremely rich and noble, or to earn great fame and recognition. As long as their blood, sweat, and tears drip into the soil along their natural paths, they can all be proud to say: I have tried! In such a case, their Life will have no regrets.

4.To act in accordance with one’s nature. It is a Life’s eternal error to imitate and emulate others. A lady from an illustrious family has her special charm as a daughter from a humble family also has her qualities, urban city dwellers have their style while countrymen have their pure beauty, the rich have their problems but the poor have their happiness, delicacies have beautiful tastes and colors but plain tea and simple food have rich nutrition, and extraordinary people have special gifts but ordinary folks also have their advantages. To dream one’s dreams and enjoy their pleasures, to take things as they are and act in accordance with one’s nature, neither to force one’s actions, follow fashion, nor compare themselves with others, to love what one loves and hate what they hate, and to treat oneself sincerely are all necessary if one is to enjoy a Life without regrets.

5.To do their best at everything they do. Whether it is to support their parents and rear their own children or to help their siblings, friends, and neighbours, and seek public benefit, as long as one does their best, they will have no regrets. Our parents brought us up and their love is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea. Every child wants their parents to enjoy their twilight years and to show their filial piety every day, but there are many things beyond our control and few can do absolutely as they wish. Parents understand this, and as long as they have tried their best, they will have no regrets. Children are our future and our ideal and every parent wants their children to enjoy wonderful and successful lives, but wishes are wishes and reality is reality. Even one’s fingers are of different lengths and weeds will grow in flower gardens. No one can expect perfection, but as long as they have done their best to rear their children, they should have no regrets regardless of what happens. There is nothing anyone can do when their children complain and resent them, but those who have done everything to the best of their ability, will have no regrets. No one should ever carry more burdens than they can bear nor force themself to do the impossible. To act to one’s capability and to do their best is to realize a Life without regrets.

We can certainly run on and on, but as there is no perfect Life under heaven, why should we pursue one? All things created by the Greatest Creator are strewn in random order but at distinct levels. As long as we obey the arrangements of the Greatest Creator, fulfill our obligations as human beings, and advance along the track of human nature, then whether our Life shows favor or adversity or is bright or dark, ours will be a Life without regrets.
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RE: about Life Chanyuan
The Greatest Creator and the Way of the Greatest Creator

41. Reverence for the Greatest Creator, LIFE, and nature, and adherence to the way of the Greatest Creator.

42.The core of the way of the Greatest Creator is the way of nature. There is no coercion attached to the way of the Greatest Creator.

43. There is a supernatural soul in the universe—the Greatest Creator.

44. The Greatest Creator is the supreme leader of the universe, the master of all gods, the cradle of LIFE, the birthplace of wisdom, the creator of the universe and LIFE, the driving force of the universe, the energy center of the universe, the sweet spring in the desert, and the beacon in the dense fog. The Greatest Creator is the ancestor of Buddha, Allah, Grand Brahma, and Heaven.

45. The essence of the Way of the Greatest Creator is nature, love, and Tao. Nature is the feature of structure, love is the feature of energy, and the Tao is the feature of consciousness.

46.The Greatest Creator has created the universe, and in the universe has established the 36-dimension space and 20 parallel worlds, and has laid down 36 Eight-Diagram tactics. Each has its respective magical functions, orders and rules.

47. The relation between man and the Greatest Creator is the most fundamental of all relations.

48. Nature is the Greatest Creator. That is to say, the Tao that governs everything and every phenomenon in the universe is evolving according to the order of the Greatest Creator.

49. The Greatest Creator has eight characteristics: only, amorphous, neutrality, mysterious, impartial, merciful, supremely powerful, and wise.

50. The Greatest Creator never conducts dialogues with a certain individual directly in the language of man. Everything is the language of the Greatest Creator. The changing phenomena are the dialogues between the Greatest Creator and man. People capable of understanding the wordless books are having direct dialogues with the Greatest Creator.

51. The Greatest Creator never records his will with words, never enters man’s mind to grant special edifications and instructions, never sounds out and reviews man, never worries that some deity or demon may usurp his throne, and never pass judgment on man.

52. Where is the Greatest Creator? The entity of the Greatest Creator is in the Zero World, and the spirit of the Greatest Creator is in everything in the universe. Where is the Zero World? The Zero World is the point of zero in the coordinate system, a point that X axis, Y axis, and Z axis will all pass through. The 20 parallel worlds are all connected with the point of zero. As a result, the Greatest Creator exists simultaneously in the 20 parallel worlds. Without the Greatest Creator, there would be not any of the 20 worlds.

53. The Greatest Creator is the primary productive force. We need not conquer and transform nature. As long as we exist and live naturally in accordance with the natural laws, everything will be just fine.

54. The god in the Old Testament of the Bible is not the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator described in Lifechanyuan is not the well-known god in the bible, but the only spiritual entity with supernatural power and wisdom, which governs the operation and change of everything. In other words, the Greatest Creator is the headspring and primal momentum of everything. The consciousness of the Greatest Creator impartially acts on the whole universe and is not affected by the differences in the matter of races, religion, and states. Therefore there is only one Greatest Creator for the universe and mankind. Man’s conflicts in the areas of religion, race, and states are all caused by the failure to recognize the real Greatest Creator.

55. Every spiritualism and wisdom originates from the Greatest Creator, and all the glories remain with the Greatest Creator.

56. Wuji gives rise to Taiji, and Taiji is the Greatest Creator. Holographic order is the principle by which the Greatest Creator has created the universe. LIFE and the universe are created by the Greatest Creator in accordance with the strict law of physics. The Greatest Creator is the threshold of intellect, and the universe is the inevitable product of intellect.

57. Everything in nature is the language of the Greatest Creator, and every phenomenon in nature is the utterances of the Greatest Creator. Everything perceived by man with eyes, ears, noses, tongues, and body is the language and words of the Greatest Creator. To understand the language and words of the Greatest Creator, vision, hearing, olfaction, taste, and touch are not enough. Spiritual Perception is needed. Without spiritual perception, we can never understand the words and language of the Greatest Creator and we can never understand what he is saying.

58. Everything in the universe has been created by the Greatest Creator according to the laws and principles of science. People who have mastered these laws and principles are the messengers of the Greatest Creator. They have obtained the power to interpret the Greatest Creator’s World and guide mankind.

59. There is only one coincidence in the universe, the birth of the Greatest Creator. Other than that all other things are a matter of inevitability. Inevitability is the order of the universe, and the order of the universe is inevitability. The universe is harmoniously unified by the Tao. The Tao is law and principle. Everything within the scope of law and principle is inevitable. There are absolutely no coincident events. The Tao governs everything in the world. The purview of the Tao is so broad that nothing will be left out, and is so narrow that there is no such thing as the interior. Therefore everything that occurs in the universe is inevitable and not accidental. Coincidence is a link in the chain of inevitability.

60. There is no final judgment. Judgment is made at every moment. What judges LIFE is not the Greatest Creator, the god, the Buddha, or Hades, but Tao of the Greatest Creator. The Taoof the Greatest Creator is operating every minute of the day.

61. As for the LIFE of the universe, it is the original intention and will of the Greatest Creator to let all LIVES forms live happily, joyfully, freely and blessedly.

62. The core of the Way of the Greatest Creator is “Reap what you have sown”. If you want to eat cucumber, then sow the seeds of cucumber in the field. In this way, what you may reap is undoubtedly cucumber, not watermelon or pumpkin. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Tao, by whose principle you may undoubtedly “reap what you have sown”. If you deviate from it, you may reap beans from the seeds of melon and reap melon from the seeds of bean. To be more specific, on the soil of selfishness, greed, jealousy, resentment, ignorance, fatuity, and trickery, you may reap something different from the seeds you have sown. You may reap beans from the seeds of melons and vice versa. Only on the soil of kindness, honesty, credibility, and unselfishness can you “reap what you have sown”. If you want to “reap what you have sown” and realize your dream, you must follow the Way of Nature. If you stray fromit, hope will become desperation and comedy will evolves into tragedy.

63. Understanding the Greatest Creator, revering the Greatest Creator, believing the Greatest Creator, and following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the precondition for man to initiate his conscience. If a person has no Greatest Creator in his mind, it will be difficult for him to initiate his conscience and his conscience may die out. We can even say that such a person has no conscience and is a sly hard nut. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is the fundamental prerequisite and guarantee for man and its individual members to lead a happy life.

64. Anyone who wants to become the Greatest Creator is the incarnation or representative of demons; anyone who abets others to become the Greatest Creator is the representative and accomplice of demons.

65. Psychic energy is the highest level of energy in the universe, and the energy of spirit comes all from the Greatest Creator. As long as we continue to believe in the Greatest Creator and follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, we will have no lack the energy of spirit. Vitality and Psyche are the energies second only to spirit. The energy of Vitality mainly comes from the pueuma between heaven and earth. And the pueuma between heaven and earth includes the energy brought to man by everything in nature, namely the energy given to man by all the beauty of nature and the energy of carbohydrates converted from food. The energy of Psyche mainly comes from the level of consciousness. It is a structural energy, a program energy, and a belief energy, and can also be generalized as the energy of Tao.

66. All the life can be called life of spiritualism as long as it takes the reverence for the Greatest Creator as its belief, perceive the profundity of the Tao with soul, pursues supreme authentic wisdom, and tries hard to achieve the highest realm of life. If you want to attain the life of spiritualism, you must listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ and march toward the Way of the Greatest Creator by following Jesus’s instructions.

67. Why should we take the Way of the Greatest Creator? Because we can get to any other space only viathe Way of the Greatest Creator. Without the Greatest Creator, we can only circle in a certain space and can never get to any other space.

68. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the road of happiness, joyfulness,, freedom and blessing. You are to keep a peaceful and rejoicing inner mind no matter whether you are in the favorable circumstance or in the adversity, in the face of desperation or death. You must be convinced that the Greatest Creator is perceptive of the slightest errors and is definite about punishments and rewards. You should be brave to have the Greatest Creator take charge of your LIFE and have the Tao manage your life.

69. All things created by the Greatest Creator are arranged in clearly defined layers. As long as we obey the arrangement of the Greatest Creator, strictly adhere to our duty in behavior, and move forward following the track of human nature, we will have an unregretful life, no matter whether we are in favorable circumstance or adversity, and whether we are in bright or dark situations.

70. Even god, Buddha, or celestial beings, or monsters, demons and goblins are powerless before the Greatest Creator. So on the road of our life and LIFE,everything will give way to us and cannot hurt us as long as we cling tightly to the hand of the Greatest Creator.

71. The Greatest Creator does not decide man’s destiny. Everyone’s destiny is in the final analysis brought about by himself. The destiny is the result of man’s consciousness.

72. Understanding things is not for the sole purpose of appreciating them and living harmoniously with them. What is more important is to make use of them to serve us and broaden the scope of our free activity to the greatest extent. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is not to enduring hardships and sufferings but to enjoy life, enjoy LIFE, and obtain more happiness and pleasure.

73. The most equitable “thing” in the universe is the Tao of the Greatest Creator, which is perceptive of everything and meticulously conducts punishment and rewards. We can reflect calmly on the reason why we are born into this world. All this can be called the combination of predestined relations or karmas. Everything seems to be in disorder. Everything seems to be a contingent arrangement. Actually, everything before us is caused by our former words and actions (karma), no matter whether we are in favorable circumstances or in adversity, and no matter whether we are happy or afflicted with sufferings. The results we have obtained are brought about by the former causes, including the causes of the former life or preexistence.

74. The Way of the Greatest Creator has eight connotations: 1. The universe is the product of the Greatest Creator; 2. Everything comes into being as a result of creation; 3. Everything operates in the consciousness—the Way of the Greatest Creator. 4. Exhibit one’s nature and act in accordance with the law of nature. 5. Revere and emulate the Greatest Creator; 6. Reality is the portraiture of the respective free consciousness of different LIFE forms; 7. Happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing are the theme of LIFE. 8. Everything is a game.

75. Great love is like the mountain, and great love is wordless. The Greatest Creator’s love for us is constant and eternal. The Greatest Creator’s love for us has never been expressed in language. If conditions should be attached to love, if love should be expressed in words, if love should be repaid, then such love can be only called small love instead of great love.

76. Why should we revere the Greatest Creator? The Greatest Creator is the supreme king sovereignty of the universe, the creator of LIFE, and the guardian of equity and order. Without the Greatest Creator, there would be no universe; without the Greatest Creator, there would be no mankind; without the Greatest Creator, there would be no god and Buddha. So can we not feel awe and respect? Only if we feel the awe, will we hold our desire properly in check; only if we feel awe, can we obey the objective law and model after nature; only if we feel awe, can we understand that “there are divinities watching over us” so that we dare not harbor evil idea and conduct misdeeds; only if we feel awe, can we live in harmony with everything, beings, and nature instead of doing whatever we want to do and butchering beings. Awe and respect derive from a feeling of gratitude, humility, the passionate love for life, and the heart-felt esteem for the creator and governor.

77. If we don’t follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, we cannot solve the issue of survival; if we don’t sublime the quality of LIFE, there could not be excellent survival.

78. The Way of the Greatest Creator is neither private ownership nor public ownership but non-ownership, in which the resources are not occupied by any individual but publicly shared. Everyone gets what he needs and does not occupy and hoard. Only in this way can the human world become an ideal land and can the beautiful dreams of mankind be realized.

79. “Man proposed and god disposes”. That is to say, one’s success in achieving something and realizing certain wish and ideal relies on 30% individual diligence and 70% the natural environment. And natural environment in this sense is the Greatest Creator, the Tao, the program, the good timing, geographical convenience and harmonious human relations, and the nature. Human wisdom is very limited, and human endeavor is also very limited. If time and geographical position are not favorable, you may achieve nothing no matter how much effort you make.

80. Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, you can disengage yourself from the abyss of misery and arrive directly at the most ideal realm of LIFE . Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, you can connect the origin of the universe and enjoy the pleasure of LIFE anytime. Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, you can shake off the bondage of time and space and let your thinking and consciousness racing freely across the unlimited universe. Follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, you can accumulate your merits and virtues, you can pay back all your debts of numerous generations, you will have a limpid mind and clear consciousness, and realize your dream.

81. Following the Way of the Greatest Creator is most convenient, simple, direct and most effective. By following the Way of the Greatest Creator, you can dispense with all the taboos, you need not immerse yourself every day in the research and exploration of the Tao, virtue, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, credibility, and art, you need not chant scriptures and pray every day, you need not go to a great length to cultivate special magical power and arts, you need not tread all the way to make inquiries about the enlightened, and you need not engage in harangue. All you need is to model after nature.

82. The Way of the Greatest Creator is the Way of nature. Everything comes about naturally. It is against the Tao of nature to expect to obtain something and achieve something eagerly. “Success will come when conditions are ripe”—this is what is meant by nature. Force and compulsion are against nature. Conscious effort should be combined with adherence to the course of nature. Without conscious effort, we can only circle at the original spot and cannot walk out of the bewilderment and the 36 eight-diagram arrays. Without an attitude and state of mind that adhere to the course of nature, we will certainly feel anxious, we will contend, we will be hasty in action, and our eagerness for success will backfire and what we can get may only be the opposite of what we have wished.

83. For five thousand years man has had only a smattering of knowledge of the Greatest Creator. If we do not have a correct and relatively complete understanding of the Greatest Creator, we cannot feel awe and reverence for him. Without awe and reverence for the Greatest Creator, our life as an individual will be perplexed and doleful. The human society as a whole will not be able to eliminate the hidden troubles and establish an auspicious and peaceful vital force in harmony with nature. If an individual wants to have a perfect life, he has only one way, the Way of the Greatest Creator; if the whole society wants to keep itself from going astray, it has only one way to follow, the Way of the Greatest Creator.

To follow the Way of the Greatest Creator, we should distinguish the Greatest Creator from god. The Greatest Creator is the Greatest Creator and god is god, we cannot confuse god with the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator is exclusive, but there are many different gods. Jesus is god, but he has instructed us in definite terms to execute the order of the heavenly father (the Greatest Creator). Therefore, following the Way of the Greatest Creator completely conforms to the teachings and will of Jesus.

Thus, we must be on our guard and prevent ourselves from going astray when someone instructs us to follow the way of god and listen to the teachings of god, because even Satan is also a god. Of course, neither should we follow the way of Buddha, the way of celestial beings, the way of man, and the way of demons.

84. The Wayof the Greatest Creator is profound and intensive. It has extremely rich connotations and extensions. It transcends time and space and governs everything in the universe. It is so extensive that there is no exterior and it can be so narrow that there is no interior. It operates everything and decides the universe. It is the Way of light, the Way of creation, the Way ofLIFE, the Way of love, the Way of freedom, the Way of happiness, the Way of magic, and the Way of holographic order.

85. The Greatest Creator is love, sincerity, kindness, beauty, faith and honesty, is happiness, joyfulness,freedom and blessing. so we should emulate the Greatest Creator. The Greatest Creator, as what it is called, is also a wonderful creator, so we should emulate the Greatest Creator and engage in labor and creation and derive pleasure from labor and creation. The Greatest Creator per se is also unselfish dedication. We can derive happiness from unselfish dedication.
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RE: about Life Chanyuan
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The New Life Mode of Human Being Has Come into Being
The New Life Mode of Human Being Has Come into Being
Xue Feng

The ideal life mode once dreamed of by many saints, as what the ancient Greek philosopher Plato wrote in his dialogue The Republic, the One World Confucius was after, and the Communist Society Karl Marx pursued, has been practiced and realized now on earth. This new life mode is beyond what Plato, Confucius and Karl Marx and other saints had imagined and described. It was born in a completely new way, and this brand new life mode is just the idyllic the Second Home founded by Lifechanyuan.

The life mode of the Second Home is totally different from the traditional life mode we are familiar with. Many saints’ dream has completely come true – People live in a worry-free environment where troubles, bitterness, anxiety, desperation and fear are reduced to the minimum, and so are confliction, fight and crimes. An all-around harmonious and sustainable co-existence between man and nature, man and society, man and man is realized. Our three and a half years practice and experiences have fully proved that this new life mode is more than just successful; it will be developing continuously and healthily and have an extremely bright future.

We have now total 180 residents living in our community which includes 13 kids. The age of the oldest resident is 87 while the youngest is only 3. 180 people live in three branches separately; the biggest branch has 72 residents, and the smallest has 45 people. Most people are from rural areas of China; the education level of majority is middle school. More than half of the residents are female; middle-aged are the majority, and the average age in the community is around 40. The Second Home implements a paradise management mode. The gist of the mode is that no management is the best management. This mode stimulates and motivates the qualities of sincerity, kindness, beauty, love, faithfulness and honesty in human nature, and creating a proper external atmosphere to bring those qualities in full play. There is no management team or leaders, people do their work voluntarily. There isn’t any office. No other meeting or gathering are hold except Monday, Wednesday nights are the time for group study and Friday night is the time for everyone to gather to discuss and solve any issue that may arise in day-to-day lives. Everyone here is first and foremost an ordinary worker; there used to be a branch manager to organize the running of the branch, and now this role has been cancelled, each branch only has a senior , whose role is neither manager or leader, but just a coordinator to arrange and coordinate branch’s daily activities.

There is no more traditional “family” in the Second Home. Husband-and-wife relationship pattern is broken automatically when the couple start living in the community, and they become independent of each other. The nurture and education of kids, the care of the senior residents will be the pure responsibility of the community, which means that children are no more responsible for the wellbeing of their parents and vice versa.

All the jobs in the Second Home are professionalized and specialized, big or small, there will one person in charge. The chef only does cooking, the washer only does the laundry, the cleaner only does cleaning, the gardener only does gardening, and chicken raiser only cares chicken, vegetable growers only grow veges, and the one who cultivate economic crop just focus on making sure the crop grow well, builders only do the building and maintenance work. The purchaser, driver, hairdresser, health carer and tailor will be doing other jobs when they finish the main task. Home school teacher is a part-time job, so teachers are involved in manual labor when they are free.

The main income of the Second Home comes from the donation of Chanyuan celestials. We grow a variety of vegetables ourselves, now the supply can meet the demand of 180 residents. Everyday we can get all together about 300 chicken and duck eggs from three branches, which ensure that everybody could have at least one egg each day. The meals are mainly veges, but we do have meat occasionally. This year we have started the business of growing monk fruits, and now we have total 10,000 monk fruit trees under management, if everything goes well, a yearly 1000,000 RMB net profit can be expected.

The officers from Public Security Department of Yunnan Province, China (where the community is located) once said after visiting our community, “What you have done is too ideal, and we doubt how you people can keep and develop this life mode”. But I’m very sure that the economic development of the Second Home will not have any problem, and we can definitely become self-sufficient and eventually live in abundance. The reality will prove it after three years.

In the three years time since the Second Home was founded, our community never had any form of attrition and confliction with our neighbors. Actually, we keep a very friendly relationship with the neighbors. Internally, the community residents never had any quarrel, argument, abuse or fight and everyone get well along with other people. Also, violations of the law and crimes are not seen here at all; gambling, drug taking, prostitution and stealing have totally disappeared.

The environment of three branches has become very idyllic. All branches are surrounded by green mountains and clean streams; luxuriant plants and trees are everywhere. We have a variety of fruit trees, especially pear, bayberry, peach and chestnut trees, which produce fruits more than our residents could consume. Over 70 different kinds of flowers are blossoming in all seasons. Our home is clean and tidy everywhere, especially the kitchen, dinning room and public toilets, you can hardly see any stain. The criss-crossed brick or cement walkways in the orchards extend in all directions. In our 4th branch, brook’s babbling can be heard everywhere, and the crystal mountain spring flows through the front of everyone’s bedroom and the vegetable garden. Rooms of all branches are managed according to hotel standard; all rooms are equipped with a wooden bed, a desk, a chair and a wardrobe. Each of the bedrooms later built by ourselves has a spacious bathroom and a closet; all rooms have two windows which allow enough sunlight and fresh air to come in. We also built an entertainment hall which can hold 300 people and a five-star level dinning hall which can seat 150 people.

Except that every a few kids are still live together in one big room, other people all have a separate bedroom.The ideal of ” No one pockets anything found on the road, Doors are not bolted at night” has been completely realized in the Second Home. There never be any stealing case in three years, nobody ever lost anything and people can keep their door open at daytime and leave the door unlocked at night. Breaking into other people’s bedroom without permission at night is rarely heard.

The meal standard in our community is above worldwide average; the main course is usually rice, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, twisted roll, noodle, Chinese dumpling and spring onion pancake. The vegetables include cabbage, Chinese cabbage, carrot, eggplant, cucumber, capsicum, tomato, potato, cauliflower, chives, celery, string beans and melons.The meal is usually served in buffet style; everybody can take what they need, and the food supply is always enough to feed all.

All residents “own nothing but have everything”. All properties belong to everyone; individual no more own any property or money. No one is treated specially. All people go to the dinning room for food; the storeroom is open for everyone to take what they need for daily life. There is no distribution and supervision. Clothing can be purchased on demand. The basic policy is as long as the goods is not luxurious and wasteful, it will be definitely purchased to meet the need of requester. Currency is no more useful inside the community, and money transaction also disappeared between people.

The Second Home basicially does not have any celebration activity except the Mid Autumn Festival and Chinese New Year. We don’t celebrate birthday too; gifting between people is not allowed.

The Second Home try to prevent any religious ceremony and political activity;we don’t have church, temple, Mosque, preaching hall, meditation room and office, we don’t have any form of worshipping, for example, burning incense and bowing to an idol, therefore, we don’t hang up the image of any saint, master and buddha. Everything comes from nature and should be returned to nature, so artificial stuff is unwanted in our home. Moreover, everyone is independent of others, and no one should impose his will upon other people.

The cultural and recreational activities in our community is full of variety, in addition to the monthly big party, we play games and have entertainment anywhere when we feel like to.Game ideas are so many and varied that we always have new and exciting one to play. Singing, dancing and poetry recitation are the main theme of entertainment. All residents can participate in these activities so that their talents and skills can be displayed and developed. Our home is short of musical talents now, but we prepare to buy some instruments so that we can enjoy the beautiful music of flute, piano,Chinese pipa and trumpet all round our home in future. We don’t have a reading room and only have small volume of books right now, so we plan to set up a library in each branch, and most books will be related to philosophy and natural science.

The Second Home has a home school for 13 kids’ study purpose, and their level is now at 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school.We have classroom, study desk, blackboard and a big play ground. The educational materials are the same as what people use in public schools which meet the requirement of the Chinese Department of Education. The teachers are chosen from residents who are either used to be a professional teacher or have completed tertiary education. In addition to the basic subjects, we also added the subjects of “how to behave as a competent and useful man” and “the relationship between human being and the Greatest Creator(God)”. Kids are also required to do some manual labor according to each one’s ability, for example, cleaning bedroom and yard, pulling weeds. English language is also a major subject in primary school education.

“Each does his best according to his ability and asks for what he need” is a key policy in our home. Anyone, even if he is 800 years old, as long as he is still fit, should assume a job according to his ability. Therefore, there is no such saying as “retired” in our home. Nobody is an idle and parasite, everyone has something to do. In fact, working has become the most basic and enjoyable daily activity for everyone, it almost turned to a form of game. People feel like they are punished if they are not allowed to work.

In the Second Home, if someone has caused any hurt to others mentally, spiritually or physically, this person will be dismissed immediately from the community.

The love between man and woman is absolutely free in the Second Home. Nobody should interfere a couple in love, but group sex is prohibited. Also, we implement the value “Gents come second, ladies are always first and should be respected for no reason”. So man can never be active trying to seduce a woman, and any form of sex harassment is strictly prohibited. Breaking into a woman’s room without her permission is not permitted.Moreover, in our home, there is no marriage, one would be relocated to a different branch every three years, therefore, permanent relationship between man and woman is almost impossible. If a man and a woman fall into love and don’t want to be set apart, they can choose to return to the secular world, get marry and form a family like what people do in traditional society.

Currently, the situation of the Second Home can be described as “Excellent”, and it is developing towards the direction of “more and more perfect, more and more ideal”.

We have set a successful example for all human beings. If everyone on this earth lives according to this new life mode, undoubtedly, this world will become a heaven, an Eden. The earth will no longer have wars, conflicts, crimes, famine and crisis, but enter into a new peaceful era. Man and man, man and society, man and natural will co-exist very harmoniously.

Every single person of human beings, no matter which country, ethic group, religious and political party you come from, no matter you are rich or poor, no matter you are big or small, please note that the Second Home will not develop to any kind of political party which might cause trouble and harm to you. I believe that if you are interested in this new life mode, if you come live in our community, you won’t lose anything; on the contrary, you will surely get more than you can imagine!

I sincerely hope that you will pay close attention to us, and we warmly welcome journalists or visiting groups to come to our home to experience this exciting lifestyle!


Note: Chanyuan celestials are those people who like the above lifestyle and are willing to give up all their possession in secular world and dedicate their life to initiating a heavenly-like brand new era. They are the ones who are brave enough to pursue the highest state of life, which is a journey on the earth full of fun, happiness, freedom, and joy.
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RE: The New Life Mode of Human Being Has Come into Being
Sounds like a cult.

Does anyone know where the love of God goes
when the waves turn the minutes to hours?
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RE: The New Life Mode of Human Being Has Come into Being
It is a cult, and OP is still copy/pasting these texts from Rolleyes

Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it
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