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collection of rhymes
11-23-2008, 06:58 PM
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collection of rhymes
Far from safety do you roam,
and I am troubled, that you may never come home.
For in the midst of danger, stand you do,
and with one wrong step, you could be through.
Then never again, shall your face I see,
so I plead to you love, return to me.
And mistakes you have made, I'll forgive them all,
just ask of me child, and I'll answer your call.
Then the rest you need, I will give,
and with me in paradise, you shall live.
Where all troubles vanish, and there is only peace,
where my great love for you, will never cease.
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11-23-2008, 06:59 PM
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Come into life having done nothing wrong,
but in this world, it will not take long.
Young and curious without a care,
and eyes are upon you, but you're unaware.
So in simple pleasures, with your soul you play,
knowing not the price, if you perished today.
And it won't be long until you're hooked, and the lusts won't cease,
and your regrets and troubles just increase.
Soon you'll be lost, and cannot cope,
and unable to glimpse, a little hope.
But there is someone, who really does care,
and he hears your cries, and your souls despair.
Believe there is a God, that does love us all,
and he is waiting for you, to answer his call.
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11-23-2008, 07:00 PM
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Welcome, I am glad you missed the sign,
for now I've got you, and forever you're mine.
So continue screaming, it is music to my ears,
and you'll be playing it for endless years.
For this is the place of no light or hope,
where even the mightiest of men, could never cope.
Where the ultimate terrors unfold,
and here you are, without his hand to hold.
Yet you knew I was coming, but stand alone you do,
so to escape me now, what plan have you.
To save you it was told, there is but one,
but you believed not, in his only son.
So you can cry, scream, and fall upon your knees,
but your soul has been given, to do as I please.
And unlike him, I care for you not,
so in store for you, much torment I have got.
Where with great pleasure, your soul I shall destroy,
laughing as your agony fills me with joy.
As you're consumed by the flames, that ever burn,
for you are the lost, and shall never return.
So here you must stay, in great torments and pain,
to never be loved, ever again.
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11-23-2008, 07:07 PM
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He Did More
Maybe so lost and tired do you feel,
thinking you have gotten a raw deal.
But carry on with life, you know you must,
and in his word and promise, completely trust.
For trials do come, and your commitment test,
because complacent, becomes the soul at rest.
Though times you may desire, just a little break,
but received he none, as they nailed every stake.
And he accepted all, without complaint,
and held his ground, and did not faint.
For no doubt was there, that the reward was great,.
and so with absolute faith, he accepted his fate.
So there he hung, for you and I, and everyone,
truly blessed be the name, of the Lord Gods son.
And though times move on, and memories fade,
it still stands true, for your sins he's paid.
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11-23-2008, 07:08 PM
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We all seem to seek out certain things,
just for that little happiness we hope it brings.
But alas, to often nothing but a cheap thrill you get,
and soon enough, the regret and shame begin to set.
So then you are left worse then the start,
with a troubled mind, and a confused heart.
It is a cycle that seems to never end,
and to flee the pain, again our morals we bend.
But it gets harder, to hold back the tears,
as the sorrows grow over the years.
So when is the time, to stop being a foolish child,
acting crazy and a little wild.
Are you so lost and in despair,
that even for yourself, you nolonger care.
But life was not given to do as you please,
and I hope before more damage is done, this your heart sees.
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11-23-2008, 07:11 PM
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A Moment Away
What is going to be your last thought,
when one second from hell, is all you've got.
I think you will cry, scream, and pray,
but with only a moment for a lifetime of sin, what could you say.
When you recall there is a God, and his kingdom is about to arrive,
and you know only those forgiven of sin, may enter and remain alive.
To think something at that time will be no use,
for you could never come up with a good enough excuse.
And on judgement day, when your final chance for salvation has past,
when all you can hope for, is to be sent to the fire last.
I think the Lord our God will shed a tear,
for the time to love you nomore is here.
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11-23-2008, 07:12 PM
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Stay The Course
Since you began, your soul I've stalked,
and with you always, have I walked.
In your heart, and mind, I am everywhere,
and you shall be mine, do I declare.
But only his love, keeps you out of reach,
so hoping am I, his mercy you breach.
Many corrupting things, I've gotten you to try,
so that sooner than later, you would die.
The gambling, the smoking, and the drinking,
and all the fithy thoughts, you've been thinking.
Along with your conceit, and pride you flaunt,
for I know not always, will he endure your taunt.
But the patience he has, does really astound,
and why he still loves you, it does confound.
For he still holds his wrath, and gives more time,
even though wicked and abominable, is the crime.
But very determined I am, to get hold,
because then shall my terror, you behold.
Then before me always, will your knees bow,
and oh how I wish, that time were now.
But for now your unrigteousness, does amuse,
so stay the course, and his kindness abuse.
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12-05-2008, 11:56 PM
Post: #8
It is always too soon, when it's too late,
when comes the time, to face your fate.
And it is what you realize, the moment you die,
as you're quickly consumed, and begin to cry.
That time was a moment, that you just blew,
and reality hits hard, that damned are you.
For the worst place on earth, I tell,
is a paradise, to any spot in hell.
And for one more chance, you'd give anything,
but all is lost, so can offer nothing.
A shame, the hard way we tend to learn,
because the truth, will we only spurn.
But reality, was never ours to create,
and the consquence, will be very great.
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12-12-2008, 04:07 PM
Post: #9
His light in the world, does grow more dim,
for fewer and fewer, will listen to him.
So now more often, does darkness prevail,
and grasping the big picture, do many fail.
Instead living life, with a distorted view,
and never knowing, what is actually true.
But not much longer, shall this he permit,
for disturbing are the evils, people commit.
Things were never meant, to be this way,
and he indeed does marvel, in total dismay.
Too be so lost and foolish, is really bizarre,
for abilities given, should have taken us far.
But now shall we face, the fury thats brewing,
and pay for our deeds, that he's been viewing.
And it shall all end, with one swift blow,
then shall the Lord, every soul know.
And with great terror, shall arise a shriek
for a new picture shown, much more bleak.
But too late will it be, for much time had we,
and so unanswered, will go the desperate plea.
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12-12-2008, 08:36 PM
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Puppet Master
I'll be there, when you finally flatline,
for I've worked so hard, to make you mine.
And for that moment, have I so long waited,
and with great patience, have anticipated.
To speed the process, I really have tried,
and the truth from you, I've done my best to hide.
And I have to admit, that I"ve done very well,
for you believe not, in heaven or Hell.
And though my plans, he tries disrupting,
the hold I have, does keep corrupting.
The booze and drugs to keep you high,
or the beautiful creatures, that tempt your eye.
Such a feeble mind, so easy to steer,
even though the path, he has made clear.
And as the days pass, does my confidence grow,
for you believe in all, that you think you know.
So I have no fear, to admit these things,
for it is I, that pulls your strings.
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