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was jesus really a jew?
11-25-2017, 03:58 PM
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RE: was jesus really a jew?
(06-19-2014 07:17 PM)Yefet Wrote:  There is really no misconception, The New Testament or what Christians call the Bible is not part of Jewish scripture or the written Torah, never has been
Some people refer to the Five Books of Moses as Torah but most of the time it can also include the s'farim of Jewish law Ect. none of which say anything about Jesus or a New Covenant that is a concept of goyim or other nations, non Jews
All that may or may not be in Christianity Susan, I really don't know because that is all considered Idolatry in Judaism, most of us look at it this way, he may have been one of the hundreds if not thousands of Jews claiming to be the Messiah, He simply did not fulfill one single Prophesy, Simon bar Kochba came closer than any other Jew but he died hence he was a false messiah as well, both where just ordinary Jewish men maybe preachers of sorts, collected small followings because Jews at that time wanted answers to the Roman occupation and facing the eventual exile , he may or may not had been executed for speaking out against Roman Government along with a lot of other Jews

He was half of everything human and half heavenly but all dirty.
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11-25-2017, 04:12 PM
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RE: was jesus really a jew?
Personally I didn't think Jesus was evil or even claimed to be the Messiah. If you were a Roman intelligence officer at the time and you were trying to destabilize and crush the internal Jewish descent then Jesus comes along preaching peace and paying your taxes you are going to quietly support, boost encourage and protect him. The problem was that Pilate and others went too far in wanting to irradiate the Jewish God and beliefs system and tried to make him look like God..Jesus was nothing more than a good guy caught in the oldest game and he paid for it with his life. Pilate knew he was innocent and that's why he was grieved about his death.
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