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why did god create disease
12-04-2013, 01:28 AM
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RE: why did god create disease
(01-20-2010 06:03 AM)hillbilly Wrote:  god created the natural progression , but in your case there is no why disease and madness . there is no logic in having those aillments , unless we are in hell and that is where we are .

Madness is only ill health, it isn't anything else. The brain can suffer from cellular dysfunction, the same as any other body cell as ill health.....what's your problem do you honestly think madness is you believe in ancient superstition that madness is the devil?

Natural progression only is a progress if it is not disturbed. Therefore if humanity were no longer suffering maladies, you would call this progression. If they were previously suffering maladies you would question why?

For humanity to be suffering regressing symptoms in today's atmospheric condition would provide the evidence that we are no longer progressing naturally. Nature obviously is altered through the state of progression, therefore you would ask what is this state, and what causes evolution as a state of progression when we live in the same atmosphere as a constant?

This was why it was observed that a self function of progression was involved in the atmospheric life condition....the ancient philosopher called this the Life Spirit or the terms of the Christ itself. It is why when you reference past quotes of observations involving regression of the human spirit that the Christ alpha position as the Life Healer was called Aleph also known as OX.

Our current day observations of life progression know that OXYGEN is the life spirit, for without it we have no life and when it depletes we get sick. Therefore if it has a self regenerating process, the ancients were aware of this through their Philosophy and they discussed it as the Immaculate...meaning cannot be known because it is achieved by the spirit of creation, but can be observed through the birth of the body as a holy sign that causes life regeneration.

The ancients therefore observed through the physical condition of the life of Nature (cell information) when the oxygen depletion caused illness/disease - plagues/madness and also a regression in humanity demonstrating a loss of oxygen mass or an attack on the spirit of Creation as breaking God's Laws to when it redeveloped as a holy spirit because it was allowed its natural progression.

Hence they knew that as sound (angels) supported the Act of the Christ in the Heavens (atmosphere immaculate process) that sound allowed the Immaculate condition to be active and achieved. Therefore oxygen mass allowed for a particular sound level to be achieved as a Creator condition which allowed it to self conceive (continue to amass oxygen) from out of its own sound body. Therefore oxygen mass sings for oxygen production.

This was how the Act of the Christ stated itself to be a God Act also as a Creator purpose or function as a feature of the Holy Spirit in Creation supporting human life and life continuance as a Holy purpose.

God therefore did not create disease....but disease demonstrates to evolve when the mass in the Heavens (atmosphere) said to be the Spiritual Healer/Life Giver is depleted, murdered or sacrificed.

This was why Laws applied to the Acts of God as moral Laws regarding the human ability to change the Natural Laws and cause sickness/disease/plagues through altering those Acts. God therefore does not cause disease as oxygen mass would ensure that we remain healthy.

Human beings causing Acts of God therefore would be the cause for illness/disease and sickness and the cells inability to regenerate as it should do naturally. Oxygen mass is therefore very important in the atmosphere to produce life regeneration, to alleviate disease and mental health conditions.

For anyone of us to question the reality of God as natural creation Law, is to observe the main populous who live a life free of disease and die of old age. This would demonstrate to be the denominator quantifying the reality of our life expectancy. Abnormal conditions would therefore quantify that cell degeneration is caused by and through the receipt of the light waves flowing over us all as a constant.

A constant decrease in the oxygen mass would cause light waves to be depleted in its sound value and this would demonstrate ill health in humanity and nature as a mass developed situation.

If we cared to look into our ancient past, oxygen mass was high (as observed in ICE flows). During the ancient use of sound demonstrates disease and plagues were activated along with early life degeneration. If we observe before 1800s life expectancy and good health was becoming apparent as a progression to then be lost has to be because of Scientific pursuits after this time.

This would demonstrate to us that the Laws of God were once again broken and prophecised to cause disease as predicted. Human beings therefore cause disease.
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12-17-2013, 10:50 AM
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RE: why did god create disease
The abrahamic god is described as being omniscient, omnipotent, and benevolent.
So why would he create disease (as you claim)?
The existence of disease contradicts everything you claim about God.

If he created it out of choice, then he is evidently not benevolent.
Disease kills millions of humans and animals alike for no benefit whatsoever. Your counterargument to this is that disease benefits mankind by making us stronger. But if god made us in his own image, and is benevolent, then would he not have made us as strong as we could be? and immune to all disease?

Unless of course he was incapable of doing so, which would prove he is not omnipotent. If he has the power to do all, then why has he not immunised us? Why does disease exist in the first place? surely he would never have created it if he was benevolent, and if it came about itself then why has god not eradicated it?

Perhaps he is just blind to what is going on, yet that would make him not omniscient. You claim your god can see all, yet has he turned a blind eye on those thousands of African children dying every day through malaria and typhoid?

Another argument i have seen frequently is the claim that humans brought this suffering upon ourselves by eating the apple in the garden of eden. But if god created us in his own image, then surely he would have made us in such a way that we didn't eat the apple?
An analysis of this would be creating a robot programmed to kill people then punishing it when it does. We knew the robot would kill someone, just as god knew (or should have done, if he is omniscient) and so why should humankind be punished? Is this god really quite as benevolent as you claim?

And still you choose to believe that not only this 'God' exists but he is benevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent and created disease for the benfit of mankind. You choose to believe this with no evidence whatsoever supporting your point, and claim that the evidence backed scientific view is wrong.

So ask yourself, is your god really as good as you claim?
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12-17-2013, 12:14 PM (This post was last modified: 12-17-2013 12:54 PM by Edward.)
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RE: why did god create disease
How could God be benevolent if we never needed anything. How could we be benevolent like God if nobody needed help and we had no way to help them? Or if they could just ask God to cure it and He cured it.

So for Gods part lets count all the diseases that do not exist and all the people who don't have diseases. God cured them and kept them healthy and never charged a dime. For mans part they created a bloated health system that requires a second mortgage and Obamacare, all the while trying to create more powerful weapons grade diseases in secret laboratories.
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12-22-2013, 08:39 AM
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RE: why did god create disease
(01-20-2010 06:03 AM)hillbilly Wrote:  god created the natural progression , but in your case there is no why disease and madness . there is no logic in having those aillments , unless we are in hell and that is where we are .

Good point. For me horrible diseases like cancer are a strong argument against the existence of a loving creator God. If God made man in his own image, then why not make man free from disease, and free from the capacity for evil? Why build in all this nastiness and suffering?
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01-13-2014, 07:40 AM
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RE: why did god create disease
The existence of disease/illness is a necessary condition of health. Where health exists, so logically must the absence/deterioation of it, else it would simply be called "being". The value of good health could not be valued and celebrated were there not an absence of it to compare it to.

As to why God would create an absence of health in the first place; again it was a necessity, but also it is a by-product of the allowance of free will. Without free will man probabley would have conducted themselves in perfect harmony with Divine Plans in order to live in perfect health. However this was not the case and free will grants potential exploration of facets of existence that fall within the "absence of-" catergory. Health being one of these. This is one potential answer. It does however leave diseases like cancer (which are currently not down to a mere lack of neglect on the part of the sufferer) as a problem.

Coming up with solutions for this is problematic, but you come across the possibility that it arose as a product of our evolution and choices, and God no longer intercedes (merely observes) but this erases God's benevolence.

The other answer is God works on a level of being far beyond the scope of our perception. We raise queries and cries of injustice when those around fall prey to disease without meaning, but this is an experience of the world from our perception only, a world with bonds, family and sentiment. God exists on a different level of existence altogether, maintaining and upholding a creation on a scale totally outside of our scope of knowledge and eprcetion. Thus what seems "against our plan/lives" may not always be against the plan "in His".

I'm not saying any of these views are correct or a subscribe to any, but they can be offered as answers. I personally do not feel the existence of disease creates problems for the existence of God. Then again my concept of God is probabley closest to my third and final point above as any others.
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02-17-2017, 08:32 AM
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RE: why did god create disease
Diseases are not created by God, its created by people due to their culture, nature, environment and food and all these changes they made around them.
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02-17-2017, 09:42 AM
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RE: why did god create disease
Quote:Diseases are not created by God

That's not what (in the case of Jehovah) the Bible says, if we take diseases as one representation of natural evil:

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. [Isiah 45:7]

Also, if diseases are not created by God then how can it be argued that all of creation is designed? Do some undesigned things exist after all? How many?
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03-20-2017, 12:11 PM
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RE: why did god create disease
Interesting read that one..
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