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Full Version: Playing for Change; Stand By me
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Here is my new favorite music video:
(03-15-2010 09:45 AM)Stereophonic Wrote: [ -> ]Here is my new favorite music video:

Stereo you knock me outPraise
That is a song about my home Palestine
There is a saying
Every human have home to live in it
Except us we have home live in our hearts Smile
Nice music and beautiful pictures, though of course I couldn't understand any of the words.

Somehow I had thought that Islam doesn't allow singing and music like this (Cat Stevens stopped singing when he became a Muslim, and the Taliban in Afghanistan tried to eliminate music like this, in accordance with their view of Shar'ia Law).

By the way, a large, multi-generational family from Palestine just moved into my neighborhood; they seem very nice.
I just watched your clip Stereo. That first guy has a cool rasp to his voice, I enjoyed that.

Muslim Girl, your clip was really nice too, and I agree with Stereo's comment.

(04-05-2010 10:07 AM)Stereophonic Wrote: [ -> ]Cat Stevens stopped singing when he became a Muslim.

And to think some people criticise Islam Wink

(04-05-2010 10:07 AM)Stereophonic Wrote: [ -> ]and the Taliban in Afghanistan tried to eliminate music like this, in accordance with their view of Shar'ia Law

Those moderate examples of Muslim beliefs! Only joking. I'd imagine that the Taliban don't like that sort of music as it sounds a bit western influenced, but I'd be interested to know more about the general Islamic view on music. Is any frowned upon? (ignoring lyrics, obviously)
In Islam there are three conditions to make the song allowed
1-not have music, but not all scholars agree about that,
There are two teams about that
First say that it is forbidden because many Hadeeth
There is not any verse say that
Second it is allowed because Hadeeth when it told that music is bad it says music and kohol is
So the second team say that Hadeeth mean the music which was singing while drinking kohol
Hadeeth mean that by specific
2-Polite words
3-no women sound, we believe that women can not coquet with their sounds because that immoral we think
Two teams too
First not allowed because Quran told us it bad for women to copestone verse say that
Second when woman sing they do not coquet so it is allowed

The song I sent has music and women voice
There is one without music or women voice
one sing to his wife "polite words"
show this It is in english (no music ,no women sing in it and have polite words)
Cool, thanks Muslim Girl. I was genuinely interested. Took me a sec to twig what kohol was though!
The television program is fantastic, I highly recommend it; you get a deeper insight into the lives of these wonderful musicians.
The musicians in Stereo's post do you mean?
Yeah mate, I saw the TV program one evening, it was really fascinating.
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